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a real american Aug 22
Replying to @JDmillennial1
You are so out of touch with really bud. How about get out from behind that screen and learn some real life things. Get some real life experiences. Have fun commie. I have work to do so my taxes can pay for your free shit you mooch!
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Some Guy Aug 22
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Ben Shapiro Office Press Release Parody Aug 22
I find it utterly disgusting that would cave to the public and get rid of there dessert names for the just because fat shaming is "bad". does not sound appetizing and is boring. I bet Moses woudn't have changed the name of his Tablets.
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ピーター疫病 7h
's are just such trash. Being triggered just for the sake of being all "poor me, give me stuff" fucking wastes of space
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Replying to @Liz_Wheeler
This is what you get in an world.
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Turning Point NJ Aug 14
I do NOT appreciate tweeting a quote from a famous and 😡.
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One Angry Gamer Aug 18
Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass Comic Turns Poison Ivy Black, Promotes Antifa And Feminism |
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The Bad PUN-isher 1m
Replying to @salty_nerd
HEY THIS IS DISNEY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE! Shouldn't be called or to fit into the
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Enlighten Aug 22
didn’t care when Alex Jones was removed from YouTube and censored. But then I realized I might be being censored. “I don’t agree with you but I’ll defend your right to say what you think.” A good lesson in the importance of freedom.
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Elaine Murray #BernierNation#yellowvestproud Aug 13
Replying to @natnewswatch
Ha a liberal possibly going to spend some time in the can
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AnnaNMys Aug 6
Unpopular opinion: social justice warriors don't actually want to stop racism, they just want the moral authority to be a dick.
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K.A.D Jul 28
Persuaded the is appealing to people's resentment and bitterness and enables them to church it up in justice.
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Chris_Ceee 🐇 Aug 7
Replying to @WarOnFanservice
Not just Western fighting games... I pretty much gave on all Western main stream titles. Good thing, there are so many Asian and indie-games. Western mainstream devs can keep their horseshit!!!
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Hayden Aug 22
Very accurate in today's society 🤣
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Glenn Floods Aug 22
The vague and nebulous idea SJWs are a thing and you should worry them: How to Fall Down the Anti-SJW Rabbit Hole
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. Rake that ya cuck wannabes
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Donny Dooley Aug 20
Great video here by Piers Morgan on snowflakes and Libtards.
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timdeardorff 17h
If you are supposed to be an entertainer or entertainment company and you tweet BS you are going to lose fans and customers. I will unfollow you instantly.
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Lynn Fradders 7h
This commissioned door is about to be installed at the Coachmakers pub in Hanley
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Peter C. Barnes 14h
I can't believe this is actually a real story. wanting to change the terms used to describe people in the justice system thinking it will make an ounce of difference. These Liberals need some serious help.
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