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Sasuke Pinckney Apr 20
Dear I'm not interested in lewd "real" girls and women, I'm only interested in lewd "Anime women and Lolis". I'll use the "Parental Controls" Anime video games if I have my Daughter or children. But I'm not supported Censorship policy.
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Hugo Aparicio 23h
going at the new reveal. 🤯
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VxVx2019 10m
I literally came across this one bitch who thinks that wanting to be a drag queen is disrespectful for anyone who wants to do it.
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El Punitor Apr 17
Don't let the door hit you on the way out. If you're so ignorant that you don't recognize the bankruptcy & utter failure of the Trudeau-Notley gender-identity, virtue signalling & climate tax scam based policies and the destruction they are causing, you should leave.
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Friendly Atheist Apr 17
Replying to @souricelle @meganromer
Thats why its over ur head..
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Chris, the Lord is Risen Today ن Apr 19
Replying to @yunghic1
That guy is so arrogant. He's righteous. We're not.
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John Viril Apr 17
in this age of diversity, the forces will probably demand the Chicago officially change their name to WhiteSux.
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Abe Frohman Apr 19
Replying to @NBCSPhilly
All you lose all credibility on this subject when you sit silent in front of rap lyrics for the past 30 years. It’s a 2-way street if y’all want to go that way 🤐
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JBoushka 2h
makes fun of the 's and throws their characterizations of him back in their face
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memes coldacid posts 2h
Crap, I have to get up in five hours anyway, so better get what you deserve, but it's pretty clear that Riot is firmly .
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Stay strong and don’t bow down to !!! They don’t buy your games !!! No need to censor !!! Don’t betray your fans and customers !!!
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LordPsycho98 11h
women can be pretty in anime and video games stop toxicity that is
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Zaptoid 6h
Found this little gem:
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Poke` Tatts 22h
Feminism knows no bounds. Female bears are tired of all the patriarchal privilege male bears have used to oppress them for generations!
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AleksGreenEA Apr 24
whores dirty
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ErikTheRed 17h
Is this a sign of the times? Video games are widely covered enough to warrant 4 selections?! Nonprofits is ONE lump?
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JBoushka 1h
competes with in going after 's and extreme Left politics with this one:
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I'm just the Apr 22
Sometimes I'm full on . And sometimes I'm
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Fintan Majora Apr 24
Replying to @FintanMajora
Following up my tweet, is this woman over sexualized? Here is a quick answer, no. This design somewhat matches Yoshizawa's design cause of the small info we have on her. Listen up fuckheads, think before you act cause this is a retarded attack.
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Rabid Bulldog 11h
Replying to @AdamSchefter
I didn’t realize was such an . What other “issues” have you uncovered? Screw ESPN and their one sided reporting.
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