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LIGO Aug 16
Latest update on our newest candidate event, . After human inspection and no longer consider to be of interest. For more information see and the GCN retraction notice
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Keita Kawabe Aug 16
and sent an alert about , but have retracted it after human vetting.
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Thaddeus Gutierrez Sep 14
-Virgo putative have robust cyclical correlations with two-year periods. How are we to proceed? , , , , , ,
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Thaddeus Gutierrez Aug 28
Replying to @kier_bare @LIGO
21-min interval (10th/day) (12th/day) ~40 Mpc BNS ~40 Mpc BNS retracted ~267 Mpc NSBH ~261 Mpc NSBH retracted O2: GW170729 GW170809 GW170814 GW170817 GW170823 O3: S190728g S190808ae S190814bv S190816i S190822c
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Franklin Wirtz Aug 17
Replying to @LIGO @ego_virgo
To what did the humans attribute ?
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