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StoriaDellaMedicina Oct 1
Samuel T. von (1755-1830) was a german . He discovered the in the of the human . His investigations on the , on the and its malformations, etc., made him one of the most important anatomists.
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StoriaDellaMedicina 30 Jul 18
First Edition of this important Milestone of (1801). Samuel Thomas (1755-1830) "is best remembered for his fine anatomical illustrations, of which those devoted to the human are a good example".
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StoriaDellaMedicina 29 Jul 18
This plate from Samuel Thomas ’s "Icones embryonum humanorum" (1799) shows embryonic and fetal development between the third week and the fourth month in 17 steps.
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Landesärztekammer RP 28 Jun 17
Hohe Auszeichnung für Mainzer Arzt Dr. Heinold Gamm. ehrt ihn für sein Engagement mit der Samuel-Thomas-von--Medaille.
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Hidden Kosmos 18 Dec 15
Replying to @correspSearch
. du wählst doch immer wieder die richtigen! auch so'n Spezi von
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