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Kieran 5h
Breaking news: Update on our delayed flight. 4hrs currently with no idea what's happening, lots of people looking at the aircraft though.
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Kieran 2h
Us waiting for our flight. It has been sixteen years waiting for this damn plane. 6hrs in the terminal with nowhere to get food/water and one bit of information. People have resorted to cannibalism, there's a Hunger Games vibe here.
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Little Scouse Toyshop St John's Market Liverpool. 4h
The real chief exploiter at David Bonderman TPG CAPITAL, ....
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Thomas McKenna 11h
Children fall and require rehydration ! while waiting to board plane at Dublin Airport. After waiting in queues in the terminal without any reason families were then transported to stand and wait on the runway onan scorching hot day! RyanAir never again
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GiroMaxi Jul 15
737 Max ordered by undergoes name change
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Justyna Hammon Jul 22
any known issues with checking in on the app? I keep getting the error below
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Irish Times Business 7h
Irish-based ⁦ pilots in strike vote via
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john foley 4h
New Prime Minister didn't care about thousands of exploited cabin crew by Ryanair.. ..STRIKE ON IT'S WAY YET AGAIN...
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Mel ✝️🏳️‍🌈 Jul 19
Replying to @MelGeog
Not to mention the entirely insensitive treatment of myself and my mum by staff as they repeatedly demand me to 'just try' as if some how that will make my legs grow shorter. Fucking disgusting behaviour.
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Kevin Anderson Jul 14
Sorry a lemon is still a lemon regardless of how you paint it. made a better decision with it's fleet and that is who I will choose to fly with! Corporate greed got the better of and they and their customers will pay the price!
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Gingerbreadgirl_74 5h
They chucked us a rock hard sandwich and a can of boiling Pepsi for the trouble. Theres lads here that cant get a flight back to Ireland now for a week ffs
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Michelle Jul 16
When the taxi to the airport costs more than your flight 🤦
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Nihat Özden Jul 21
don't be happy to find cheap tickets surprises you at the airport.. find a magnifying glass to read the small text under the ticket world's worst airline
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kingwizard 12h
Finally finished filming great thank you to to let us use their plane for the film. 👍
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Charlie Boyle Commentator - YouTube & RT 12h
Not sure how this can be called an extra legroom seat if the cabin crew asks you to bend your legs to put their equipment & then I'm asked to move seats to 16 rows - because the family that were sitting next to me were too disorganised to book their seats! I said no!
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Holly A Lucas 14h
Thank goodness I am back home to beautiful Ulster!🇬🇧 Flight delays are the worst🙃🇪🇸
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Uzas 14h
Hey I'm on your fr3219in Milan Bergamo to Manchester. It's delayed. I have a connecting in Manchester at 2. 35pm. What time will this plane arrive? The stewardess said it was delayed to a medical emergency on a previous flight!
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Nathalia 6h
Replying to @Ryanair
says in one email that luggage within the 40x20x25 are FREE from charge. When you reply saying that your back complies with that measurements and have always been, they say "their position remains unaltered" and therefore the robbery will go on. is
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Emma Jul 22
Replying to @Ryanair @Titilolaaaaaa
are a disgrace.. cancelling my flight back home... telling me "You can book with one of the following supplier and the price of the ticket will be reimbursed for you" and now saying that information is incorrect and nothing will be paid? Where is my €700?
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Husnain 10h
Why the fudge would you...
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