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Forbes Africa Dec 9
The Emerging Economy To Watch: The tiny East African nation has proven to be a role model for the continent. READ:
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Michel Sidibé Dec 7
financing & sustainability of the response-the two issues I raised with my brother President of & Chair of the today. Thanks for being a true champion of these needed dialogues across the continent.
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RURA Dec 12
’s Telecoms industry continues to register a remarkable growth Check out the 3rd Quarter figures: -Mobile phone subscriptions: 9,665,544 -Mobile phone penetration: 81.8% -Number of mobile money subscriptions: 10,701,868 -Number of mobile money transactions: 97,176,213
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Philip Lucky 18h
Rwanda is participating in the Intra-African Trade Fair organised by to showcase investment opportunities, goods & services manufactured by -n Cos.
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Sharif Yusuf MUGABO |🇷🇼 35m
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Jeffrey Smith Dec 6
“The court rules that Diane Rwigara is innocent.” Huge victory for justice in . The global attention on this case no doubt played a role. Let's not forget the many others similarly charged and languishing in prison for exercising their basic rights.
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There’s something truly life-affirming about seeing a mountain gorilla. This tailor-made journey allows you to do just that as you journey out to the remote jungles of ’s Volcanoes National Park for an audience with these magnificent creatures.
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MRurema Viateur Dec 7
First Lady @MrsJeannetteKagame nominated UNAIDS Special Ambassador of Adolescent Health & Wellbeing @kigalihope
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Ashley Dec 11
Very proud to be Rwandan and very proud to be led by him 🇷🇼
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#BakerReports Dec 14
Investigative journalists are fighting the good fight around the world. Disclose a new investigative project. In some officials operate with growing impunity and need to be accountable. to call on to question & investigate in the face of wrongdoing
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African Development Bank Group Dec 5
: The has adopted ’s rapid digitalisation strategy as a model for Africa? How does it work? Check out below 👇🏿
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Prof. Stephen  Rulisa Dec 14
Happening: Dr Eric Seruyange defends his Thesis on: Seroepidemiology of vaccine-preventable & emerging RNA viruses in
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Sebastian Kurz Dec 7
Replying to @_AfricanUnion
I also salute President Kagame’s leadership to transform the by working on establishing a free trade area f the whole continent. ranks very high as a place to do business worldwide overtaking even some EU countries & Kigali is one of Africa’s tech centres.
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Dusengimana Thomas 3h
First panel discussion "HIV/AIDS & sexual reproductive Health" Mathea said in order to reduce this 3% HIV infection in we have to use as a key tool to ensure that there is no new HIV infection
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Good morning Artist: Sezerano
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Goodmorning it doesn't take too much to observe how beautiful you are.
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Imbabazi Dec 13
Our Men in uniform. Ingabo z'u
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Rwanda2020:We share Handcraft 20h
The street busy life of . It's a picture from our last journey during November. We are preparing ourself for the big event. If you are interested, don't hesitate to check our website.
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Jeffrey Smith Dec 12
's chief prosecutor will appeal the acquittal of Diane Rwigara (). Previously, a 3-judge panel called the charges against her “baseless.” This is the definition of persecution by prosecution and a hallmark of modern authoritarianism.
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Rwanda,Tanzania Has Big Plans for Joint Rail Line
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