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Yaro Ka Sep 18
Replying to @Snowden
didn’t Cusack propagate the bs? or am i thinking of someone else? i get lost. seems 99% of hollywood went along with that charade, and many screamed about it.
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G 24h
Replying to @EndGameWW3
This is about to make his problems a hell of a lot worst. He is compounding all his issues right now. Trump, Zelensky and Putin have to be shitting themselves right now.
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SentientSentinel 23h
Replying to @aaronjmate
It seems Democrats are accusing Trump of doing what Biden appears to have brazenly bragged about doing himself, on stage in front of an audience no less. Hmmm, this story seems familiar somehow....
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amitbehere Sep 20
For what it is worth, I believe is bullshit (mostly). And a way for Democrats to make excuses for a shit campaign and cheating Bernie.
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#RussiaGate : Truth, Post-Truth, or Damned Lies? Sep 16
On Sale Now on Amazon : Truth, Post-Truth, or Damned Lies?!
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🔥 #IndictIndividual1🔥 Sep 12
Putin is LOSING power in Russia. The people are growing tired of his corruption and mobster mentality! Also has brought great embarrassment to his people! He lost 1/3 of his party’s seats this wknd. Months of protests! He may get voted out next time 🙌🏾 🙌🏾❤️
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Jack Fapper, PhD, xD [Category-6 fapper] Sep 15
Replying to @nytimes
I believe everything in the . Especially after .
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Andrea Chalupa Sep 14
. was one of the first mainstream journalists to take seriously as well as the growing threat of authoritarianism in America. It's no wonder the head of the Trump Crime Family, Putin's puppet in the White House, sees her as a threat.
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Maurizio Mazzella Sep 18
always together with Renzi as in the the usual Gianni Pittella great friend of the by now disappeared Joseph Mifsud !!!
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⏳Elizabeth Mueller⌛️ Sep 13
Anyone who actually believes debunked is a certified fucking idiot. Spread the word...
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Donna - My Cat is a Russian Agent 🌺 Sep 13
Yang is a serious turnoff for me. Gimmicky, show boaty, supporter of and wants to control speech/press. No thank you.
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Concerned4AV Sep 20
Replying to @slyok @MichaelAvenatti
Wait, now you want to impeach the President for some crime you made up in your head? Can we be better than this please? We sound like a bunch of hungry dogs begging for scraps. The highest likelihood is goes where and went. Nowhere.
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David Feld Sep 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
"if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer."
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Trump Brands™ Sep 18
TRUMP(tm) executive sunless tanning lotion
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Sigur Olsen Sep 13
Relevant facts: 1: was a fabrication based on opposition research paid by the clinton campaign. 2:Mueller politicized special council, tried to make it look like there was something to the allegations. 3:There is no legal basis for impeachment.
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#MommyJones Sep 20
Why is she in prison for whistleblowing about while those who have committed massive crimes motivated by greed and corruption are let off with a slap on the wrist? Mr. Farrow, you could be telling her story.
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Bill Mitchell Sep 13
Nadler speaks of the 2 year, $40 million Mueller Investigation as if it were a passing glance at . Now, we need a REAL investigation. Geesh.
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Botlex Jones Sep 19
Sanders for all of 2 shooters, LBJ in NOW: /OQtch0tDED Oct 13,
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John Cruz 2h
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Medieval Knievel Gets Over Macho Grande FTW 2h
After three years of the suppository, there could be some animus in Trump's heart, and it would be well justified.
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