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Jack Simpson Feb 13
Replying to @Billbrowder
For anyone who wants to know about Browder's fraudulent past, watch Andrei Nekrasov's 'The Magnitsky Act - Behind the Scenes'. Browder has worked hard to get it banned but it can still be viewed online. This man can't be trusted.
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#Rigged 18m
The lies told by your mainstream media is becoming the norm. When subliminal messages and McCarthyism, you get this. A propaganda campaign to cover up the election fraud of 2016. This 30 minute film debunks and exposes Hillary Clinton's coverup
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Dave 9h
Replying to @adam_acid @maxkeiser
have any of the professional anti-semitism hunters ever spoken out against the anti-Russian racism ubiquitous in the Western media, normally in discussion of the conspiracy theory? cos that's the anti-semitism de nos jours
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Ira Tionality 6h
I personally think most of the consequences will begin in December of 2020. has to much to lose by locking people up now. The slow process of these idiots hanging themselves will continue on. Much progress lately though!
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Self-loathing Muppet 14h
There's still no proof that Russia hacked the (probably leaked) DNC emails so why does the ABC keeps parroting that line every chance they get?
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Scott Davis Feb 17
Can we fire Rosenstein yet?
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Tom Miller 50m
Replying to @JuddLegum
Exactly the kind of stuff Nixon would have tweeted had Twitter existed during Watergate.
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john stiglmeier jr 2h
Hahaha... calling someone “deranged” or “treasonous” is the most pot calling the kettle black thing EVER.
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Owen Gwilliam 3h
Replying to @mayazi @peterktodd
Maybe our very own to give our govt an excuse for being voted out in May.
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Lucas Paschalides 13h
MPs in the want more regulation of social media & in particular "to combat fake news". The attack on freedom of expression & the Trumanism/McCarthyism of continue as the social & economic contradictions are heightening.
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No War! Feb 14
This all leads back to Hillary Clinton, you know.
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Dan 2h
How do you know what is and isn't treason, ? Its quite simple. Are we at war with Russia? Stop pushing all this BS on . There are some many stories that go against the collusion thing, you never cover them. Why?
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Patrick Henningsen Feb 15
REALITY: are now dead in the water. So it's only a matter of time now...
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Dan 1h
why don't you do the same and hold on on ??? In this Smollett story you said a number of times that they are still investigating. You know, Mueller is also still investigating. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying
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Ron Kirby Fan ☯️ 11h
does Don Chealde truly believe that Russia is controlling Trump? i know we all laugh at Flat Earthers or QAnon but if he believes in the conspiracy theory and no one is laughing…we have a problem
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Toddler Trump 9h
Hysterical Panic Tweet no. 4,134,478: Wow, so many lies by now disgraced . I'm an expert on lying, and now My story gets even more deranged. I only hire the "best" people! Looks like I was planning a very illegal act, and got caught.....
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J.J. 24h
Replying to @SarahPalinUSA
"New Senate Republican Report ..." There, Mrs. Palin, I corrected it for you ... but is an entirely different matter!
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Minell 13h
It's very simple dirty Democrat slimeballs, just don't do what you always do with cases like , and STOP your lies and weaponized propaganda to smear people who are telling the TRUTH
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Empire News 6h
Replying to @Mary_Burgess
That's more of a daily = post. The Adelson/Netanyahu/Trump collusion seem to be 'the third rail' in the corporate media along with the Israeli lobby
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Ed Feb 17
Sounds similar to obama, hillary, mcabe, comey & poolousy all need to be locked up!
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