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Eddy Jokovich Jul 12
All on this together? No. More vile and misleading material from the Daily Pravda. It’s actually the virus, if they want to play those sort of games.
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Christine Phillips 💧🔥😷 10h
Berejiklian has had a complete memory loss about and the reason why Vic had to take so many returning overseas travellers,held in quarantine in Vic hotels;to now sheet the blame and risk onto Victoria is a typical Liberal Party blameshifting strategy
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🐨🦇🎀💧Angry Granny Jul 7
Why are all the MSM screaming for DA to apologise, when they did not demand apologise over the debacle? Is it their Liberal bias again?
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🔥💧screaminkid 1h
Berejeklian completely ignoring the many lives lost to Covid - 19 from the NSW govs disaster of the , when she& DUTTON allowed Almost 3000 passengers& infected victims to disembark at 2am into Sydneys Population with No checks & No testing!
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I am AntiFa 9h
Here's a question. How many cases in Melbourne can be traced back to the ?
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Cheryl Kernot 8m
If she had drawn the total lockdown,border closure, line in the sand immediately post we might not all be where we are today. Special treatment for pubs & casinos in NSW LNP DNA
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💧Cathy Thomson Jul 8
Compare the pair. buck passing from one department to another at both federal and state Liberal level with no accountability. Labor Premier apologises, accepts responsibility and is working extremely hard to contain situation. Who do the MSM attack? Labor
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Kristina Keneally Jul 6
Replying to @PeterDutton_MP
It’s going to be a long list of ’s mismanagement and incompetence… and yes, the disastrous handling of the will be on it.   Send me your reasons why Scott Morrison should
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Verner Verass Jul 12
Alex ~ how elite is "…fast-tracking family on a plague ship contravening vital quarantine rules…" … …?
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Kristina Keneally Jul 5
Replying to @ScottMorrisonMP
ICYMI- Almost 200 COVID-19 cases have been added to the national tally after crew member cases were classified as Australian. The is now responsible for over 1000 of our 8000 COVID-19 cases. failed to stop the one boat that mattered
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💧Kailani Mana Jul 11
Malcolm Farr on ‘The Andrew’s Gov will be held to account!’ Yeah Unlike the Berejiklian gov or the Morrison gov for the
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Aaron Dodd - I Stand With Dan Jul 10
Hey why didn't you call it the "Dutton Virus"? After all, he was the one who let it into the country via the .
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Eck Jul 9
Replying to @ChrisReason7
Shouldn’t it be “Sydney virus has finally come back home”?
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Aaron Dodd - I Stand With Dan Jul 12
Do "elites" travel on cruise ships, like the ? Also how is your branch stacking enquiry progressing?
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Grunta (Grant Turner) Jul 12
NSW CMO implying that the crossroads outbreak may have Vic links? It seems that the deaths OZ wide and spreading of virus from has been wiped from Oz memory. We're all in this together, unless you can blame a Labor state leader, I guess. .
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💧Sandi Keane 🔥 Jul 8
: NSW Premier ducked responsibility for . Did question this as relentlessly as they’re questioning Andrews over the security guards?
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🚒💧🔥🌱🌏 AKIAUS Jul 12
Replying to @AlexHawkeMP
Can you confirm or deny the allegation that you were involved with fast-tracking the disembark of passengers, and that your in-laws were on board? You should be ashamed if this is true. Full stop.
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Pascal Jul 7
Replying to @Kynes99
have we forgotten the absolute shambles that was the in Sydney ???
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Lynda French Jul 10
COVER-UP 'Shambolic' inquiry into debacle slammed as a 'cover-up' after officials fail to investigate crew members despite 200 employees testing positive Premier Berejiklian is being pressured to expand scope of the probe
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☪️ shayne_chester_Dip_FA Jul 12
On 15 March PMScoMoFo banned cruise ships and declared the arrival of ships were under the command of Australian Border Force. On 19 March RP docked. Can we stop calling it the Vic virus or blaming ethno-cultural minorities or Andrews? It's Dutton's Disease.
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