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Jane Mitchell 59m
Paulie loves teaching the family to accept and comply to men exactly like Silently. Daddy does
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Adam Silvas Nov 13
Did ever concede to ?
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Moni Nov 14
He is so fuckin tone deaf that he is bragging about bringing Trump to the civil rights museum after Trump had called African countries shit holes and campaigning for a pedophile and racists. What’s wrong eith kkk got your tomgue
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Empty Barrel Nov 13
Replying to @peterdaou
1-2)Exactly. The opportunistic approach for "GOP" causes has embraced as of late absolutely amazes me, & after he allegedly became an Independent. I thought Joe was the coolest person on the planet when he rose up against as he & helped turn that
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Donny J. Chump Nov 16
American citizens, which was just under the great heroes! Then back the United States
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Nevada LGBTQ Moving Forward 🏳️‍🌈 Nov 16
. You are the of women Republicans. Your party’s name is .
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Juha Parviainen Nov 16
Replying to @mkraju
To be fair ended news right after special election....
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herman berman 22h
Cindy is a supporter of
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shelleybeen Nov 13
Replying to @arrpeebee
Or a new congressional district. Oh wait. You meant clergy. I was addressing all pedophiles.
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Mary Lou Bolger Nov 13
She’s the female
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d jay 🌊 Nov 13
Replying to @kenolin1 @maddow
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girllyfan Nov 14
Basically what Trump supporter said during his campaign in Alabama, that America was great during slavery. These people believe that people are happy when oppressed.
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James Kidder Nov 10
Says the party of Did he ever concede? do you know?
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Donny J. Chump Nov 14
Just had good conversation with great Rally, stayed to enter the State of World Wars One Two - 250,000 Jobs in Southport, Indiana is strong on with vote tabulation and
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Traci North Nov 7
Replying to @IMO_USA @keithellison
Thank you for stating truth! It's what dems/ does when it suits them..yet wants it both ways to stand on non moral grounds & walk on non moral roads they have no idea to or care to stand on! See at all to elected = local but destroyed = local!
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Jane Mitchell 1h
Pliable chooses to be under her master Pussygrabbing Sexual assault Are the family values share as true values. Ronna craves to teach the family to accept and comply to men exactly like Silently. Mommy does
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TM Nov 14
Observation Left: Domestic violence & sexual assault & enabling sexual predators should be disqualifying behavior “Religious Right”: We wholeheartedly agree.........under certain conditions 🤔🤮 🤷🏻‍♂️
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JAMES #GhostOfAmericanDemocracy #VoteBlue Nov 11
AL refused (barely) to elect the Sexual predator, will MS show the same intelligence & NOT elect an ignorant woman joking about sitting front row at a hanging, when her opponent is A Black Man ?
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Marcelo Silveyra Nov 13
Replying to @motleylorca1
And if you want to like this just because you have a hate boner for the Catholic Church, but you supported fucking , or make excuses for any organization with child abuse problems by saying "others do it as well," or anything even remotely similar, you can fuck off too.
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WH Customer Service 21h
Replying to @Jim_Jordan @GOP
Still better than today's : -Chanting "Jews will not replace us" -Murdered - - - - - - I could go all night with more examples of
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