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cumberickman 2h
Mr. ’s priority is making sure you and your pro- comrades, like , , & do not obstruct the . is coming. And he’s coming for you.
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Sanja Sinobad 19m
Replying to @RepMarkMeadows
3 more weeks and you won't have to worry about questioning anybody. Get over it , you are not in the same league as .
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Rudi Halbright 3h
Lol! Sure, these Republicans all got together and decided to turn against Trump because...? Or perhaps they are just investigating to find the truth about Russian influence in our election... Don’t forget Rosenstein was appointed by & previously by Bush jr.
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Claire Magazine 13h
LIVE: Deputy Attorney General Rod delivers remarks at the Federal inspector general community’s 21st Annual Awards ceremony.
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kathy B 43m
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LuRain 7h
Replying to @nytimes @bsonder
i'd RT but am still pissed at the Times for the smear Hugs and Courage to his fiance & family
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Kirk Holland Oct 9
Looks like a weasel, sounds like a weasel, acts like a weasel. He’s a weasel.
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Abraham Ray 🇺🇸 3h
Replying to @brianstelter
Such hard hitting journalism Brian! How about investigating the following:
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ShowMeTheMoney 5h
Replying to @kyledcheney @ddale8
and - Two of the Last of the Ethical ...
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J. Northrop 🌎☮️ 10h
Isn't it ironic was famously grilled on capital hill by Republicans like (Presidential hopeful) and now the Deputy District Attorney has possibly taken a loyalty oath to the President in order to save his "personal" reputation?
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shredded tweet 17h
No Outguessin' Sessions? Given Leave To Grant Rosenstein's Reprieve..From Guillotine? " Appoints to Lead Task Force Against MS-13, Hezbollah."
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Vote November 6th 🌊🌊🌊 6h
The Wall Street Journal: Rod Calls Probe 'Appropriate and Independent'.
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Missie Oct 16
LIKE WHEN??????????? Can’t you see 🐍is playing you👎👎👎👎👎👎
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Ronald 4h
Rod says the has uncovered a widespread Russian effort to meddle in the 2016 race
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561 News 18h
North PBC swing Congressional district: vs . Families sue Brightline. Man who exposed Monica Lewinsky affair comments on Trump-related stuff in WPB. -
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KNI, J.D. 🌊🌊🌊 12h
Attorney General met with on the tarmac and you would have thought it was a plot to overthrow the government, does the equivalent with and not a peep, go figure!
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Louie Gohmert Oct 10
ICYMI: Here’s my interview on tonight ==> refusing to appear before lawmakers via
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Stephen Wilson Oct 9
Thursday he’s supposedly testifying. Doubt it.
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arrow252525 5h
Like speaking to media outlet defending and independence of the investigation. Want here, over, confirmed THEN I want some hefty ANNOUNCEMENTS from Mueller he can't do now just before election. Want accountability & JUSTICE.
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Robert Morton 5h
remains steadfast and still defends and his investigation despite attacks.
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