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mwy Aug 8
Omg, this the show is playing shows how really insane these Republicans are. They are ALL planning on to sign off on impeaching which means House Leadership has been lying the entire time (that part is obviously not new). No more "going high" folks
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Louie Gohmert 2h
ICYMI: Here's the audio of my interview yesterday with on re: and :
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Justin S Aug 8
Breaking News : House Republicans are awaiting the confirmation of the new Supreme Court Justice before moving to vote on the impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod () says House Intel Chair Devin in secret recording at private fundrais
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jeff rasley Aug 10
Has the GOP leadership in Congress been Trumped? Is there any moral authority left in the GOP-led House given Nunes's latest revelation about the plan to impeach ?
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Marilyn Rivera Aug 8
So says that the will impeach but it’s the timing! So leadership is secretly on board..just waiting for to get Supreme Court seat.
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Andey Randead Aug 14
Finally calling for Rod recusal. RR is behind the whole Russia/Trump hoax
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Tim Hogan Aug 13
Judge Ellis may be a bit full of himself but I'm betting team is glad they let him read the full memo in the SCIF in camera. Ellis can see when Defense is trying to expose areas of investigation unrelated to the trial but damaging to the Trump Russia probe.
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Ido Amir 💎 Aug 5
Replying to @sarahkendzior
Hopefully realizes that if he adheres to DOJ policy & does not indict Trump, then he will be allowing a Russian Agent to complete Putin's task of destroying American Democracy. Hopefully Rod understands THIS is America's "BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" moment.
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Ki Mira Aug 8
The . is going after . is playing the tapes RIGHT NOW.
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❌Q SENT US!❌ Aug 6
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❄️ Jeanne K. 🌊🌊🌊 Aug 8
- Impeachment of a "matter of timing" around and the confirmation
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Pat 23m
and ARE complicit in dragging this sham of an investigation on this long. STOP SPENDING TAXPAYER DOLLARS ON YOUR ⚖️ 🤔
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Christian Tran 2h
Replying to @MerrittKelly1
Well, has NO POLITICAL LEVERAGE anymore since he waited too little too late to "fire" and Bob and both made tons of loopholes to secure their . is toast and if he's holding out for a pardon, he's done for.
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Pat 3h
Replying to @RudyGiuliani
A poll says? What does the complicit say? 🤔?
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Andey Randead Aug 12
would nvr of done anything without his superior knowing it. Guess who that was, Rod .
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Joe American Aug 11
Replying to @BillKristol
will drag this out until 2020 if he is allowed. A special council is appointed to investigate a specific CRIME. There is none. This is investigation is ass-backwards and frankly illegal. The public has a right to see 's ORIGINAL doc that describes the scope.
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Real Fake Donald Trump Aug 9
One of my wonderful lawyers says I should expect a Target letter from . That way it will harder to fire and the . I don’t even shop at !! So confused. I’m drinking a hot and getting into my jammies.
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James Mowdy Builds Brands      🇺🇸🏗✨🚀 Aug 9
. so... might’ve lied to the Senate while under oath during the Bush administration. Senate GOP blocking access to K’s records. Plays into conspiracy broke last night. Let the Hunger Games begin...
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FeloniousMonk™ Aug 9
Hey , now that you know gave up the GOP game plan: to confirm so that they can then impeach , will you still vote to confirm him?
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Dave Weinbaum Aug 9
Sounds pretty Of course you don't want to do to make it to and you should need a for that. Did commit a crime?
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