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Geraldo Rivera Sep 18
Because the nomination (like presidential elections) is all or mostly about , even if the judge fails to be confirmed to the high court will pick another jurist w similar beliefs. Democrats will have achieved a delay, but w/o Senate no victory
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Live Action 12h
FACT: Millions of women weren't dying from illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade. Legal abortion DID NOT make abortion "safe." ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here‘s what you need to know.
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Geraldo Rivera Sep 17
Beyond a reasonable doubt, majority of the fury directed at relates not to this allegation of abhorrent behavior in prep school-but to his expected vote-if confirmed to the high court-to restrict rights affirmed in .
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Senator Cortez Masto 11h
would be the deciding vote to overturn a woman's right to choose. How do I know this? Because said he would nominate judges to the Supreme Court that would overturn . WATCH to learn more on why I'll be voting NO on Brett Kavanaugh.
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Senator Cortez Masto Sep 19
Replying to @SenCortezMasto
From his challenge of as "settled law’" to his far-fetched dissent denying a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant in detention from accessing an abortion, I have no doubt that 's confirmation would tip the balance of the Supreme Court to end Roe v. Wade.
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Fr. Frank Pavone Sep 14
Now, is saying that as a “deeply religious person” she thinks it would be “un–Christian” to reverse . Be careful. Religion masking violence is always offensive to God, whether you use airplanes or forceps.
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Bryan Kemper 13h
The truth is screaming in our faces. The is being used 4 one thing, keeping the wholesale slaughter of innocent humans legal. is their god and is their bible. is being crucified at the alter of convenience.
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Frau Rot 1h
I don't understand how some people can't understand other peoples perspective and be respectful of their opinions. It hurts to see people in pain. Its a fundamental human right to choose over your own body. My body, my choice.
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The Brain Sep 19
I agree 100 with the GOP, who hate women, evidenced by the legislation they propose n pass, will not fuck this opportunity up to destroy womens lives further and over turn by any means necessary!
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Jason Morrison 8h
What this really boils down to is "they" are terrified of loosing their legalized "blood ritual murder sacrifice," otherwise known as "abortion."
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Rewire.News 6h
Based simply on laws on the books, if were overturned, abortion would automatically be banned in four states and could become more restricted in 12 more. These efforts assume people have know . But they might not.
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G-Barb ☮ 3h
Well, the ball is in your court! Please do the right thing & vote against for all the reasons: He lied under oath, He is against indigenous people, He opposes , he is credibly accused of sexual attempted rape, etc. What more do you need?
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Dr. Caroline Yezer #IBelieveBlaseyFord 1h
Speaking at the Conservative AmericanEnterprise Inst. Kavanaugh is asked if there’s a SCOTUSDecision he’d overturn. He says “yes” & flashes a conspiratorial grin. The RtWing crowd laughs knowingly; it’s obvious it’s H/T
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❄🗽🌊Dionna Reilly Sep 15
It's NOT a Bribe It's forcing you to do your job@SenatorCollins
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Mike & Tony 9h
Black Americans should make up 30% of the US population but instead have been kept at 13% due largely to the same that Kavanaugh's opposition opposes him over. Yet some of u are more outraged at what he allegedly & unsuccessful tried to do, while drunk, in high school
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Com Amor, Thaysa💕 Sep 18
If y’all aren’t paying attention to the sexual harassment case— just going up for a probable seat in the USSC where he will be deciding for women’s rights, , etc, @ a young age: hes likely to hold the seat for DECADES!.. maybe keep 👀👀👀 lk wtffffff
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Relly Sep 17
The democrats are not being accused of rape. Trump nominee is a disaster. Forget the missing resume.I wouldn't hire this employee for anything.he has too much baggage.
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JusticeBrettKavanauot 14h
Replying to @BrettKavanauot
Thank you all for taking a moment to respond to my poll!! The results are in and the have spoken. I will prepare to embark on my on the highest court in the land. First order of business...say goodbye to !!🇺🇸
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Juliette Sep 19
Replying to @JombiJo @AmyW36 and 2 others
When ravages next on his list is barring women from filing for divorce
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Daniel Torkel Sep 18
Replying to @chick_in_kiev
Imagine a SCOTUS with 22% of its members being sexual assaulters, and then deciding and other women’s rights decisions
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