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Twisted Radio Jan 12
Almost less than 24 hours
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TheSportsCrush Jan 19
When one takes a stance vs “society” & opts to teach his kids how to defend themselves. Good ole American Way.
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Aubrey Jan 17
So it does get worse than Nickelback... You win !
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Not to be trifled with Jan 16
Last hour on has been an epic playlist. !
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Lead&Lace Jan 11
I just want to make my debut *official* by saying how much I absolutely LOVE and our and their entire family!! Never bow down to the wicked!!! May God continue to bless y'all, & his lovely wife & family & their entire administration.
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alichia ☝ gideon 3h
Replying to @fatbellybella
Respect her words and feelings, just because it dosen't suit you doesn't mean she is wrong. Whatever she said last night I pray she doesn't apologize about it to make you happy nor comfortable, lay in your commitment sis. ✊🏿
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Sarah Beth 3h
"Once you feel it, you cant unfeel it. Once you dream it, you cant undream it" -
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daisi nelson Jan 18
Why can’t I find on .. that’s my Jam!! 😭
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Coach Clayton 4h
Our Wrestling Team is having a FANTASTIC Season. On Saturday they brought home another Tournament Championship. Winning “The Belt” sponsored by The National Guard. They will have Senior Night Wednesday 1/23 @ 6 Please come support these guys!! -DoTheImpossible
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Zander Yates 9h
Tacoma save the date March 12th - Seattle I’ll see you day after tomorrow at Tim’s Tavern in Greenwood 👌
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Jordan Ashley Heller 3h
Replying to @GretaVanFleet @nbcsnl
Hope you dudes come back soon to Great jam! 🤘🏻
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Hans Karl 1h
"Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday dear daughter!!.....Happy Birthday to you!!" ! !
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Jenni Jan 19
Replying to @chuckdaddyhy
A more accurate way for me to have stated that would have been, it's the album that made alternative music more appealing to me. I continued to and still do listen to metal. But was more into alternative/new wave from 1984 onwards. 🤘
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Christina Jan 18
I support all 's rebuttals on Facebook. 🤘🏼
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Ben W. 10h
Saw on Broadway back in September and I’m only posting this now?? Hats off to and the rest of the cast and here’s hoping you stay awesome!!
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Georgia Purdy Jan 19
excited to see you guys in march 🤘hopefully I can get to meet the whole band this time, not just Matt James ❤️
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Becky Piñeiro 💕 Jan 17
Replying to @nanonano_me
I'm from México🙌 I met you on 2012💕 and My dream is that come to here someday! I love your music💜💜
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upsidedownjim Jan 16
Replying to @dragonwrites
Sounds like an eventful day for all! ! 🤘🎤🥁🎸🎻
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Pamela T 7h
Replying to @VolcanoDoc
That’s right - don’t get mad - get even! You were kind and left it where you did. I might not have been that kind. Hopefully the noise was enough payback -
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