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Hollerado 4 Jun 18
On the one hand, I really don’t want Doug Ford to win the Ontario election. On the other hand, I really don’t have the time/energy to deal with a bunch of people tweeting us saying “UGH, STICK TO MUSIC! ETC ETC”.
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Nick Eardley 17 Jan 19
Looks like PM's cross-party Brexit talks are stuck before they really begin. Most opposition parties demanding No Deal taken off the table - that would infuriate ERG Tories. Labour want customs union on table - but dozens of Tories wouldn't vote for that!
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RoundLike 🇬🇧🇬🇧 18 Days to Freedom 🇬🇧🇬🇧 1 Dec 18
Replying to @Peston @theresa_may
What a shame because I will campaign for the deselection of my MP if he does back her deal.
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Michelle Dewberry 18 Sep 18
God knows why there seems such jostling to become ‘the next leader’ and to ‘unseat Theresa May’ at the moment.... What are they all thinking?! I wouldn’t do her job right now for all the tea in China (and I like my tea!) ☕️
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Clare Hepworth OBE Dec 27
Replying to @Reuters
I'm not sure which is the most alarming: Putin's Russian involvement Or, Trump's USA involvement.
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Peter Frampton 7 May 18
Replying to @Tennessean @beck
The Ascend is a great venue to play. It’s unfortunate that the location is causing a sound carrying issue. A curfew is good but reducing sound levels for artists and audience is not. Frustrating hearing ppl shouting turn it up!
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Scott Ellis 9 Jul 18
What's better for red state Democrats up for reelection? To vote for Trump's eventual nominee and alienate their base or to vote against it and energize their opposition and upset swing voters?
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HBO Documentaries 12 Jan 18
"We developed a respect for the program and the people who worked there." - Co-director Jon Alpert Learn more about the making of , now streaming on .
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Andrea Bramhall 30 Apr 18
Totally stoked to find out made it on to this years finalist list in (long). Yep, I’m totally dancing on my chair right now. Congratulations and good luck to all the other finalists too!
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John McLaughlin 🏳️‍🌈 25 Apr 18
Replying to @RVAwonk
Ugh what a travesty. I am a veteran. I am disabled. I live on a fixed income and I’m looking into subsidize housing for myself.
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Rae Snape #RadicalWomen #Flamingosofhope 🙋‍♀️🌹 2 Apr 18
Replying to @Ethical_Leader
Agree, all very divisive and distract from other prevailing issues under investment in , child poverty, retention & recruitment etc. Whatever the type of school we need to secure the best for children, colleagues & communities!
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Joi Joi💕 5 Apr 18
Tired of being single...but also tired of playing games with lil boys
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Miriam Nov 20
When your partner tells you you’re a 6/10 in hotness. Be happy with the honesty? Or be upset that you thought you were a 7?
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Virgin Atlantic 23 May 18
We're good but we can't work miracles James ^C
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Sweta Rajan | Inclusion Activist | On CBC 27 Nov 18
Replying to @Rajan_Sweta
? Given a choice between for career defining Grade 12 or visiting the with your family?
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🎄🎄J2 for life👨‍❤️‍👨 Jul 17
You can hear this gif....and feel this gif..... Or you haven’t seen this episode.... 😋😋
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Toon Polls Jul 9
If you had to choose between having Steve Bruce and John Terry to be the new manager, which would you choose?
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Total Enviro Centre Nov 28
Can you spot 'Koolah' the Gilead Koala at the William St. rally for Climate Action ? The Climate crisis is pushing koala habitat to the coast, and coastal habitat is disappearing, being logged and flipped for housing.
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Hants Fire Control 26 Jul 18
Please let this end!!!! 😭😭😭😭 (Expect we don't want the thunderstorms coming up from France either, as the ground is dry as rock and then we'll be dealing with flash flooding instead).
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MW Wilson 5 Nov 18
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