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tenchiayase Jun 16
He called me as usual. Enjoy! AMAZING!
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Candace de Drimmer Jun 19
Where in the world is ?
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AM Joy w/Joy Reid Jun 16
.: did not find "no collusion." What he said is there wasn't enough evidence of a criminal conspiracy to satisfy the Justice Department's high standards for bringing a case.
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Angela Pietrello Jun 20
Dear , Not sure if you know, trump said he'd absolutely collude to steal elections again. Also, basically told America trump should be in jail for collusion & obstruction. Just thought this would be in your news cycle a bit longer than...say...EMAILS!!!!!!!
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Sophia A. Nelson Jun 19
Go Joe GO!! I am screaming yes at my TV-- just went in on I could not agree more. Mueller is not above testifying before the US Congress. He needs to testify. He should explain the to the American people on live TV.
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t_tweets Jun 19
statements vs are refreshing & conciliatory. Her conclusion that attempting to remove early would be 'divisive' is self-evident. Once exonerates of allegations he's a Russian spy, let's move on.
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Romano Jun 20
I deserve to hear AND see testify. His testimony will go a long way to educate the public about the criminal in the WH. Watch yesterday's interview w/ ). Stop screwing around. It makes Ds look weak.
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Robert L E Jun 17
is a Republican & yet the GOP treats him like a traitor just for doing his job which was assigned to him by a Republican DAG in the most impartial manner possible
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DNN Politics Jun 22
Court disclosed 100's of texts between and convicted felon Paul Manafort. Hannity's attacks against and his staff include preferring "those a**holes going to jail” and "the left may win and get me fired at some point. But I don't give a s---"
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Robert Dolezal 3h
OK, not-sad. Here's the 3-part quiz: How did you feel about: 1. The confirmation hearings? 2. The investigation? 3. The -, bought-and-paid-for @ChristopherSteele dossier?
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ActivistBowen Jun 15
Replying to @StevenBeschloss
did HE do HIS job? DEBATABLE (June 12, 2019; 22:05 EDT)
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Mike Cherna Jun 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @MSNBC
I guess that means that is looking for work again
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Barbara Jean Jun 15
When does loving your country become a thing
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Monique Frugier Jun 15
Replying to @matt_giftmd
Grammatical errors aside, I was at the rally and there were at least 200 people there. It's a shame you weren't one of them because you would have learned a lot about 's findings the president and his enablers don't want you to know.
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joe ratley, jr. 23h
Replying to @MMFlint
I've never forgotten the fact that was chief when 9/11 happened. It was on his watch that FBI field agents in Arizona & Florida were IGNORED about Saudi men taking courses on flying airliners PRIOR to the attacks/hijackings.
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Ravi Batra Jun 23
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Idiot lawyers pushed as candidate/ to hear lawyers’ idiotic diagnosis that forced to play ’s on : “to or not” or “to fire AG ” or “to fire .” ’s of 2016 ...
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Paul Peter Jun 17
been chosen (re: Mueller Focus Group)" Thank you shannon It is such an honor to work with you. ~ Just a Cali connected ~
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politicaltinder Jun 19
Here's a question that must answer or take the 5th: In your testimony to , did you tell the truth? Hicks' answer to this question will speak volumes. Time will tell if will ask this simple question
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Bobfr 24h
2 should have present, in detail, the findings of his , & Russian kompromat on Trump. 3 & should provide a briefing about how controls .
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Robert Morton Jun 16
Excuse me while I duck, but I attended a workshop years ago when then Director stated the FBI was spread paper thin and needed more more agents. I believe the should be able to conduct INSIDE America.
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