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Rushina M Ghildiyal 15 Nov 17
I was invited by for a tasting of the menu at Maya featuring dishes researched from ancient jottings & revived by Chef Parvinder Bali. Each dish is nuanced & singularly different. The show stopper dessert - Mirchi ka halwa was fantastic!
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Trident Bandra Kurla 14 Nov 17
Don't miss out on the chance to feast on mouth-watering delicacies from Patiala, prepared specially by Chef Parvinder Bali & the team at Trident, Bandra Kurla. Only at Maya! For reservations, call: +91 22 6672 76 51 or email
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Rushina M Ghildiyal 17 Nov 17
Latest episode of S01E09 - An interview with Chef Parvinder Singh Bali & on menu featuring 450 year old heirloom from the Royal Kitchens of Patiala --> at Maya, currently ongoing (until 18 Nov)
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Trident Bandra Kurla 8 Nov 17
Enjoy the exquisite flavours of Patiala with Chef Parvinder Bali only at Trident, Bandra Kurla. Watch this space for more! .
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Trident Gurgaon 19 Jan 18
Mirch Ka Halwa - Green bell peppers cooked with sugar and nuts. Tune in to hear to share the secret recipe from the Royal Kitchens of Patiala - now revealed at .
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