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Miles Quatermass 7h
I'm appalled that had an interview with . More specifically, I'm disgusted that Jake Tapper didn't punch him in the fucking face.
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Jakki #BlackLivesMatter 9h
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Mike 5h
Because they’re a news organization, and everyone deserves to be heard...spare us with the fake outrage and virtue signaling.
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John Pavlovitz 9h
You cannot be both For God so loved the world—and America First. You can't preach the Gospel, while despising refugees and foreigners and immigrants. You can't claim that "all lives matter", while protecting only your own kind.
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I’itoi 2h
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Observer 5h
Replying to @CNN @donlemon
How can say a DAMN thing, when his OWN EMPLOYER decided to Pay and Promote Uber Racist on air? If Lemon had an ounce of Integrity, he would resign. Done with CNN.
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Francisco Taveira 57s
was highly criticized on Monday for interviewing , an avowed white supremacist who took part in the fatal “” rally in , .
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Mark 48s
Replying to @mark_melbin
The sh*t's hitting the fan at . Or is it? They did hire Trump sycopant Sarah Isgur to run their election coverage.
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Johnny 2h
Replying to @nmeyersohn
Have a good ol’ reach out to .
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🇪🇺☘️🇮🇪Nick Kline🇺🇸🌹🇺🇳 5h
Leave it to to get trending on Twitter
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Rob 9h
throwing you under the bus for giving a platform. Both of you are disgusting. Have sit down with about what drives his hate of whites. is in its death throes if they need to put Spencer on the air.
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Sophia A. Nelson 9h
This is horrible come on, do not give racists a platform!!
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Aron Rosenberg Jul 15
Does Trump know?
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Rubix 88 3h
Replying to @jason_howerton
He has a platform on CNN because he’s a far left communist that plays the same identity politics as the rest of the leftists. also shares the same leftist beliefs. Spencer has been exposed for years now.
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Shut the front door! 4h
Replying to @CNN
Maybe you should have another white supremacist on to discuss it. I mean why not, if you’re going to prop one up anyway....just go all the way with it.
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bbw 5h
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Jack Huntley ⏳ 3h
this is the second time I've heard the name this week and honestly it's enough
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non stop resister 🗽🌊🌬🍑 6h
is the loathsome nazi who got punched at that miserable inauguration. Why would CNN put him on?
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Tee Mack 28m
is among many Republicans who support and the party's new racist ideology. This is who they are now.
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can you explain your idea of a "peaceful" ethnic cleansing? GENOCIDE is ! Who finds "PEACE" in killing another?
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