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Girlguiding Flitwick District Apr 18
Last night 2nd Flitwick Brownies made seed bombs to plant a along the hedge at HetleyHouse. Let’s hope some of the 4000 seeds germinate.
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Mouse | 1st Witham Apr 14
Preparing our poppy garden for planting our seeds at Beavers on Friday. Our poppy stones mean all year-round poppies, with the real flowers to come!
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UxbridgeVeteransBC 8h
Have you taken your free pledge to join the ? There are numerous taking part, but everyone is welcome to join in -
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StAmbroseScoutTroop Apr 20
So we have planted our poppies. The scouts picked the most prominent places to be seen from around our churchs war memorial.
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The Memorial Mob Apr 20
A slightly misty start today at The Mob HQ. But we thought it appropriate to fly the flag in honour of all our friends meeting in London and Windsor this week. We would love more pledges globally.
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VC Trustee Apr 18
A resting place with a theme that can be found on route. Most of our runners will be flying past it at this point. Bit hopefully some will spot it. Don't forget to sign up to take part or donate to our runners. Thank you.
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