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Kiran Dec 17
Time is our friend. The needed protocols prevail.
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m.a Dec 17
Replying to @2L0_ii22
First of all, what i've did to let you tell me that i'm not respectful.? And what your problem.?
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iamemoj 19h
Replying to @torylanez
may his soul rest in eternal peace because it’s where we all headed too.
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Lucy at home Dec 17
It's sad that our culture STILL sees kids as 2nd-class (e.g. expected to obey blindly, never allowed to have "off days", etc) Maybe we need to start treating them with the same respect as adults?
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🖤MonstrPryncyss🖤 Dec 14
Adulting 101: you don't have to like everything, you don't have to like everyone, but you do have to be
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Alembic Strategy Dec 17
Food for thought at the beginning of a working week... Why being to your coworkers is good for business by
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Josh Dec 15
Reading the sentinel and someone has written a letter moaning about SCFC not allowing them to speak to the crowd about having a bank holiday renamed in honour of veterans. Imagine thinking the club weren't enough
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KhamadiPanther Dec 17
If u had a child and the only thing u taught him/her was just to be , that’s it nothing more... That child would have all he/s needs to venture out into the world just off that lesson alone.
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VoteSmart Dec 13
. Elementary-school children Could be guided to resume writing letters of to Our at ... , what say you?
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John Dec 13
Timmy as usual all class
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J. Vincent Nix, PhD Dec 17
Replying to @emzanotti
Unless you are trying to pass as a veteran, to say, cheat your way into some benefit, If people know that it wasn't a "real" jacket with awards you earned, it is .
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Beugmane Dec 16
Heard went for a big walk down the beach while reading horoscopes to get the idea for walk
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Nick Tripp 5h
If one or more of your members has a or personal god , you can be pretty sure they will be upsetting the other members of the team! For in the team, ensure all are and !
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Hani Alzaki Dec 14
🌐You can have different on how things are going but be of each other. 👊😘
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joyce 𓍯 is in thailand Dec 12
Replying to @veIvethyuns
i am a wizonceblink-l pls be
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Replying to @SummerSongGirl
Bad idea. Especially at a funeral. Be careful if you do though.
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Syed 5h
hEy GuYs! so i know i’m usually a and and but some people (they know who they are) r snakes🐍🐍🐍
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Tony Faoro Dec 9
Replying to @robdelaney
So for you to use your sons’s names for your store
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☔(Jamie) The Wayward Doctor Wizard Dec 16
Replying to @cw_spn
⬆️every actor and character who have been apart of its 14 seasons. So please show some respect and kindness to the actors, writers, crew, and each other in the . We're all just trying to make it through this thing called life.
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Jeremy McWilliams Dec 17
Very well said Dani.. 👍🏻
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