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Michael David 🏴‍☠️ 11h
Replying to @StarkyLuv73
Remember when the were screaming at the top of their lungs about Obama’s incessant drone bombing of civilians? Yeah. Me neither...
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S Uzzell ⭐ I AM JUDEN Nov 17
in 1943 a Jewish partisan unit liberated Jewish prisoners at Borshchev in Galicia. took many forms during the Holocaust - my novel I AM JUDEN tells many such true stories
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Cathygraphics🇺🇸✍️💙 #BidenHarris2020 Nov 21
Everybody knows the great political videos created by the @MeidasTouchs group.I'm drawing the three Meiselas brothers. Here is the portrait of Ben Meiselas. ! The group portrait is for tomorrow☺️ Keep fighting the good fight guys!
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FloydHead 1h
I've followed 5,000 brothers and sisters of the , but need more followers now to follow more. Twitter won't let me follow more until I get my following higher. Can I please get some help here? I will follow back all that follow me as soon as I am able 🙂💙
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FakeJoeBiden 21m
Hey you know who I gotta shoutout? for checking to see if I’m ok. I never even got back to her but that’s only b/c I had spotty service and also complete and utter chaos while in Vegas. Anyway, I’m ok. And that’s because of my friends like Rose & the 💙
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Marko Silberhand Nov 23
Replying to @Helenhs
GREAT ! 🇫🇷 💙 🤍 ❤️ (here is an old pic . . .)
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KK_10 Nov 23
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Σκίων (skion64) Nov 22
Gigantic demonstration against govt. lockdown & vaccine tyranny in Every day now brings fresh news of growing popular .
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Anand Giridharadas 5h
A new longing is all around us: to Biden and chill. I totally get wanting to quit always-on and hand the keys to Joe. But Biden will not be a consequential president if he’s coddled by the soft bigotry of deep exhalations. 🚨 New in The Ink:
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Ali Halajian Nov 21
Nice zoom , just too short! We need more of such engagements for students & public. ()is global issue that needs multidisciplinary approach & a roundtable.
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Greg Carey 2h
Replying to @AnandWrites
I don't think is the model we need now. It meant something specific. But we definitely need activism, and that may entail opposition.
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AussieDebPeace Nov 19
It’s my 62nd birthday and I’m so grateful for all I have and all who are in my life 🙏🏼Bless you all ❤️ my friends
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57 Days Counting Down to a Biden Inauguration Nov 22
Replying to @MaryLTrump @ABlinken
Happy Thanksgiving Mary! 🦃🥳 Stay Well and thank you for being a great friend to the
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panamafelix0412🇺🇸🇵🇦🌊🌊🌊🌊 50m
What a novel concept to choose competent, qualified people who have actually passed their security clearances.
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Bear 8m
Replying to @SuzeQKnits
The are now 'watchers'. We must diligently protect what we have started.
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Marine and Environmental Research (MER) Lab Nov 20
are among the few reported predators of major species of the such as the and However, they are overfished diminishing More is needed Picture was taken last week from an MPA of Cyprus
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The Josh™ 🎮🌈 Nov 21
I will forever be grateful for REsistance. As sad as I am that it’s done, the cast were so unique, lovable & iconic that you were bound to find someone outta the roster to cling to. All of them oozing personality. Such a great job was done with them. ☺️ 🧟‍♂️☣️
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Nancy Hernandez 16h
Replying to @nixw20
Twitter has kept me sane since 2016 when corrupt Trump lost popular vote but still moved into OUR WH!! I’ve been tweeting since then but I have nowhere near 40K but still happy w/my 12K. I give & get love. I won’t be leaving twitter bc we still have a lot of to do. ❤️
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Alisynchro Nov 22
Just finished thid classic fof the 4th time
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Donna Holland 🌏🌑🤔💙 18h
Goodnight lovely friends. 💙🤗
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