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Traci Apr 22
How do they ever question our patriotism? We want to protect Earth; they want to poach her. We want justice; they want to lock one woman up. We want to rebuild the middle class; they want to build a wall. We want equality for all; they want equality to fail, for us.
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Michael Thomas Apr 23
I’m a Veteran, I didn’t serve so the and could break the law! We want to see ’s tax returns now! You “shall,” produce them! I’ll follow you back if you follow me Please 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 Like 4 Reply 5. Party!
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💧The Horse Selects 7h
We did not expect to see this on our Thursday walk, especially in Hampton. Must be in the matrix.
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Richard Angwin 21m
Something to think about as Trump continues to demonize immigrants
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William Tillotson 12h
Replying to @yashar @mommamia1217
Franklin Graham should repent for being a bigot asshole And supporting Trump a adulterous admitted sexual predator who locks up babies Franklin Graham should lose TAX FREE status being he wants to be political Take his Tax Free Status away Tax the hell out of his church
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🌊🌊Blue Wave 2020 🌊🌊 Apr 23
I'm new here, and ready for a (blue) wave of support. This is my I'll follow you back if you follow me. Please: 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 Like 4 Reply 5. Follow my Followers. 6. Follow all who like this tweet.
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tiff Apr 23
Let’s do this!!!
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Chris Stroop Apr 23
We are facing an all out assault on the rights and safety of members of groups defined outside "the people" or "the nation" by a fascist regime. This is an integral feature of authoritarianism. The Christian Right is Trump's base, and they assert this social hierarchy.
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Calvin Barnes Apr 22
Americans have had more than $20,000,000,000,000 stolen from them in the past 10 years. I like to call this “The Big Suck”. They get away with it because no one understands what they’re doing. Let me explain it to you.
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Feisty Jamaican Apr 22
Replying to @djrothkopf
Trump is incredibly lucky that many of his staff members chose not to obey him
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Billy Pilgrim Apr 23
Still more than 999,000 followers short of the goal. C’mon now, Kurt’s ghost didn’t come here to interact with such a paltry sum. Let’s change the world, God knows it could stand changing. I’ll follow back all resisters. Retweeters get a kiss on the nose.
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I Fixed It For You Apr 23
- you're just so hard on yourself. I fixed it for you...
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Rakesh Sharma🌱 Apr 23
Donald Trump has shown no interest in working toward increasing the minimum wage, no interest in doing anything but immigrant baiting, no interest in doing anything but filling the swamp with a band of billionaires who are simply trying to help the wealthy.
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J. Brandon Johnson 20h
I have never seen so many Christians in the supposed favor of an all powerful, all loving, all knowing God inundated with fear of speaking truth. Are you about faith or ? Why do you not ? Why do you submit? Does your God not see you hiding?
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Ms N🇿🇦 19h
Replying to @pam_brundige
To Pam's great resistors. Your voice matters!
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Ang #Resist #BetterTogether #NotMyPresident Apr 23
Replying to @TheTrueAmerica5
IFB weird though the amount of ppl that unfollow you later I guess so they will have more followers? So now I have to waste time monitoring that, thanks!
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Dr. Jack Brown 7h
"Our founders envisioned the danger we face today and designed a system to meet it. Now it’s up to us to prove the wisdom of our Constitution, the resilience of our democracy and the strength of our nation."
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ChiBobbie Apr 23
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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zipdog 12h
Replying to @zzipdog
William Barr is actively engaged in obstruction of justice, per Trump’s instructions. Conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice.
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Chris Walker Apr 22
Hey ! I'm a news and opinion writer who loves disseminating progressive viewpoints to as many people as possible. I'm less than 60 away from 4,000 followers! Wow!!! Through this Friday, if you follow me, then retweet this tweet, I will follow you back!
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