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Ellen Jul 15
Thank you for personifying what's wrong with the new brand of under Trump. Unless you're Native American, we all came from another country. You'd do best to take note:
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Cheryl Gibson(Gibby) Jul 10
dont have any issue with what ever Trump does. They have lost their Humanity since he has been elected to office.
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marvC = [IMMC] Jul 10
Replying to @Sifill_LDF
People are in serious denial about this white nationalist agenda being pushed by .
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IbeRedbeard Jul 14
: Your president is a racist POS, and if you don't speak out against him, you are too.
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Douglas Reynholm 11h
Today was spot on about the just playing along thinking at some point if they cower in fear the left and centrists will come around. It's never going to happen. Start playing to win like the demorats.
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Outtellect Jul 11
The President of the United States Donald Trump hanging out with his favorite pedophile friend & billionaire Joo Jeff Epstein.
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OrchestratorM 13h
So you're saying hate laws ? I get it now 🤔
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🦀BBG🦞 11h
Replying to @morethanmySLE
But he shouldn’t have to,
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Cough! Jul 17
Replying to @LindseyGrahamSC @GOP
Unlike the / who are & do discriminate.
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shes whitty, shitty, and a little pretty 13h
These are the republicans I respect.
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Scott B 21h
A note to the disgusted with 's : Be it a or among fellow Republicans at small gatherings who are trying to dismiss this heinousness, be this guy.
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Robert Todd Bledsoe 16h
Replying to @ananavarro
The would first need to know what a "spine" was ...
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David Stewart 17h
and other would do well to remember this.
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Polly Andry Jul 12
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outriding Jul 10
Attn: all , , , and . This is your man. , fuck your , and fuck your , the president of the United States, is a Child Rapist.
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Salam Al-Omaishi 14h
I don't think had in mind a former employee of E Lily as HHS secretary when said he'd drain the . I hope hammers him on this point.
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colonygirl 🌹 Jul 16
By their votes, are now on record supporting racist comments from the .
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Peter O'Connor has left the South End 13h
Replying to @PeteButtigieg
I am 60, and in my lifetime have only ever promoted public policies that harm me as a gay man, and the blue collar family I came from. I outwitted them, and became a lawyer, but still. What is their goal?
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American AntiFed 16h
Replying to @BudGothmog44
Then let's call what they really are...
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American AntiFed 24h
Replying to @SafetyPinDaily
feel that the truth is offensive...
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