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Pam Powers Hannley Apr 16
stand arm-in-arm as they read a list of successful women politicians & business owners, assuming they are against . Green votes show who voted to shutdown ERA debate. Who needs when you have ?
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Pam Powers Hannley Apr 18
I used parliamentary procedures to force a vote on the in the House. used parliamentary procedures to stop the ERA... again. The women of AZ know who stands for & with the people.
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Michael Thomas Apr 16
Democrats have the full right to laugh in faces on moral issues from now on.
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Janet Cooper Apr 14
Democrats haven’t abandoned Obamacare! is trying 2 destroy it. He is the one trying 2 kick millions off of their healthcare & do away with preexisting conditions. will kill people because of this. The have no plan 2 replace the ACA! 🌊 in 2020
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Dan_insult_bot 4h
Beep de boop Im the Brendan insult bot. Stradbally boy is a massive card-carrying
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Dr. Dena Grayson Apr 18
The main differences being that during the end of the Nixon era 1) Democrats controlled BOTH chambers of Congress, and 2) some in the put country over party, unlike now, where sold out to the highest bidder.🤬
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diane c 8h
The have been getting more and more corrupt by the year..they haven’t changed from the Watergate years they have doubled down..look at the mess we have in DC now..we can’t fix our unaffordable health care system because the GOP is BOUGHT OFF
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ModeratelyGrumpy Apr 19
The administration has solidified my theory that cannot win unless they cheat.
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Bet Not Apr 18
Replying to @JYSexton
So, when is impeached, do the get all the credit then... ;?
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Nelle 12h
Replying to @kylegriffin1 @GOP
The American people will bear witness to who does what is right and moral and who does what is wrong and *evil. And the Republicans who do not vote for impeachment will go down in history for doing so and will be MADE HISTORY at the ballot boxes.
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John Stahnke Apr 19
Replying to @ChatByCC @Lrihendry
The lost it on purpose. And the same when McCain sucked it up. Wake up people, there is only one political party and it is the .
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Autumn Froste 💗💜💙😈🤓🕷️🍀🌈 14h
Idk why it's taking SO long for to figure out doesn't deserve to be . The man is only interested in making $ for himself & making himself look good. I hope all the Republicans who stood by him so staunchly go down with the ship. Hardcore.
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Bonnie Godager Apr 16
Getting REALLY TIRED of this kind of CRAP being "the case"... FAR TOO OFTEN when you're dealing with &
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☆☆☆ JaganaR ☆☆☆ 26m
Replying to @notcapnamerica
Ok who shaved Chewbacca and put makeup on him tryin to pass it as a busted up human female 🤣🤣🤣 also TREASON /TERRORISM IS SHUTTING OUR GVT DOWN TWICE CUS YOU COULDNT GUT SSI/foodstamps/DISABILITY/VET BENIFITS FOR OUR POOR AND ELDERLY you know like have done 🤬🤯
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Gia Monroe 44m
Replying to @thehill @RudyGiuliani
If a Democrat did the exact thing, much less President Obama, heads would implode with righteous anger and you’d have his head on a stick America is smarter than you
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JacloPac Apr 16
know the truth about 45 and they do nothing because it's also their truth.
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dalansmachine Apr 12
Replying to @JuliaDavisNews
Where did 7 ranking choose to "celebrate" the holiday last year? ...and why did have to go to by himself a little later that summer?
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Laurie Garrett Apr 17
All over the USA are trying to weaken mandatory laws. Why? "the issue of mandates has indeed entered a hyper-partisan landscape."
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Juliana 6h
Look ... Heres my bottom line ... I'm done ... I'm tired of that sitting in our WH destroying our country's reputation Ignoring our Constitution I'm tired of his sycophant allowing him to do this with their policies
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diane c 13h
I agree with you on that..but there’s also the fact that the media and anyone who pays attention to politics in an open minded way know that the don’t care if they have a corrupt traitorous President..they will lie, cheat, steal and cover up to win and stay in power
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