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Rhianwyn 31m
Replying to @wheatfrom
Yep, every 🙄
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Ed Mac 2h
Corbyn because he had a golden opportunity and he didn’t want to take it, the rest are all just a waste of a good skin to be a
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Andrew Parnall - The Original Don't Brexit Fixit 1h
Replying to @jamesbaconx
See me, because I'm a dumb fucking , what do I do? I only go and do it again!! PS, was it full fat, semi skimmed or skimmed, or almond or soy?
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That’s My Purse! I Don’t Know You! Jun 12
Just letting you guys know. That I still want to remain in the EU
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Name's Kit.. Kit Zongo. Jun 12
We want a second vote Carole. We want a second vote Carole. We want a second vote Carole. I am a labour supporter and I want a second vote Carole.
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🥚EGGY Jun 14
Replying to @BrexitBattalion
Believe it or not , My friends and I used to call a number 2 that wouldn’t flush in the toilet a 🤢
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Mike Lee Jun 13
More tweets, very exciting I know. I've seen a lot of news articles and the like that state that are unwilling to compromise and would only ever accept . That for me is not the case, I'd definitely accept (1) a lite form of with a option (1/2)
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Terry Willett Jun 10
Replying to @SCDawko @Femi_Sorry
Dawko you said it. I have no problem with immigration. l have a problem with an extra layer of government that we don't need, that simple . Yet another telling me what l think and why l think it! You can't solve a problem if you don't understand it and you don't!
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Jo🌻 #FBPE #RevokeRemainRebuild Jun 13
I'm just a Standing in front of Asking them if they're off their fucking heads.
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And the 'reward' for could be to stand as candidate at the Streatham By-Election, after resigns late this year! - The Caring Compassionate Competent Concerned Conscientious Considerate Council Estate Resident.
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don gilchrist Jun 13
Remember these When deciding who to vote for MPs in the next General Election
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Mandy from Bedford 🔶 #FBPE Jun 14
Replying to @winlad6 @ChukaUmunna
He does have a firm belief: he has always been a
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Chris Ainsley Jun 13
Fiona Bruce just fobbed of the question of licence fees.
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Terren Jun 12
Problem with Like button feedback? People in and from Europe tapping Like on posts that are emphatic in their statement and append “tHiS iS OuR cOuNtRy!” Yes I am complaining about your unethical selectivist use of the like button to produce mirages.
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Dylan Saberton Jun 10
I don’t know why England wants to be independent with the EU - I’m a . I would speculate it was due to mass discontent with politics in this country as a whole. On top of that people saw the problems caused by austerity and BoJo and Farage used the EU as a scapegoat /1
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James Uscroft 7h
As a who argued for years that we need a , shut up and fuck off you Corbyn-Bashing troll! Because leaving aside the fact that you're using as ammunition, THERE ISN'T A MAJORITY IN PARLIAMENT, so it makes no difference whether supports one!
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John Dudman Jun 7
Replying to @NickBoles
More annoying generalisations. I am a home owner, retired with a comfortable pension income. I am a supporting all referenda on entry to EEC onwards. I also have many friends in the same position with the same views. Seems No Deal Brexit supporters are of all ages.
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Cllr Peter Lord #FBPE Jun 11
Replying to @markpack
There's been a lot of for both Jo and Ed. My impression is that Ed has attracted the most criticism from members for his appearance to rule-out cross-party cooperation.
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Andrew Parnall - The Original Don't Brexit Fixit Jun 10
Replying to @Daily_Express
Pro who can put hatred and intolerance back in the box where it belongs
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David Skaith 9h
Replying to @Conservatives
but due in main to & our system at home not working. isn’t perfect, even the most hardened would say that but it’s better to be involved in something & having a day than looking in from the outside. Our economy is set to work with....(3)
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