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Joel Baccas #FBPE #GTTO #BLM 3.5% 🇯🇲🇪🇺🏴‍☠️ 6h
Why are many supporters blaming voters for when they are the ones that didn’t vote for ?
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Erwin Smith 20h
42 days A camp next week and this next month, Im gonna be fresh.
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Helen Rushby - #3.5% #RejoinEU #WeDemandChange Oct 25
Replying to @Keir_Starmer
You should force another vote on or Brexit. Over 60% would now vote . Time for another referendum and for Brexit to be reversed before this government destroy everything we value and need.
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Simon Dalling #FBPE #3.5%🌱🌹🇪🇺😷🌍🔋⚡️🚘 Oct 24
Replying to @alexandrabulat
They will be joining Canadian backpackers in the non-EU queue, shock horror. But this was all predicted 4 years ago by the campaign who were accused of Project Fear. Well you know what, you ain’t see the half of it yet.
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James Sinclair Oct 24
See some silly fucking slogan trending in Scotland, you still fucking lost, and we will STILL NO
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Jon Danzig Oct 23
Britain is naturally a country – many Leave voters used to be . For most of our four decades as a member of the , Britain didn’t want to leave. On the contrary, most Brits wanted us to stay. Read my article for the evidence.
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Trey Holly Oct 24
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GMT Meditation 6h
Replying to @David__Osland
Beautifully explained here over two decades ago in less than two mins!
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LelaCat #3.5% 17h
Glad I’m not in the stupid group 🇪🇺
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FoolontheHill #FBPE #RejoinEU #FollowBackFriday 2h
Replying to @kercle
In another life I had an account that offered me the opportunity to feel the full force of any . It wasn't there. I was never abused by . I had a very enjoyable time.
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PRS 3.5% #FBPE #European #electoralreform 🕷 6h
Replying to @KeohaneDan
I see the point you are trying to make i.e. one can’t ignore the circumstances that led to 17m voting for something so destructive. Feel free to blame David Cameron for that as much as , but people who voted in the referendum are categorically not to blame.
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Bags On Sale Oct 24
REMAIN - West Dress - 30% off, was $352.98, now $248.08
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Graham Simpson Oct 22
Replying to @johnredwood
Nope, we didn’t vote on what type of Brexit plus nearly 50% voted to !
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David Henry Oct 22
Replying to @davidschneider
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From The Mystery Oct 25
Ch-5 “a very fundamental idea in learning The Greater Community Way of /in preparing for the GC itself…The to remain wise. If they do not remain hidden, they are & overtaken.” Book
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Soludo Diaso #EndNigeriaNow Not #EndSarsOrSwat! Oct 22
🇳🇬 YOUTHS Must STRONG WE Must Be 🤝🤜🤛 If WE Must This OUR Common , They Want To US Along Lines, WE Not Them.. 22/10/2020 The Is !
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Clare B #JKR Dimyon MBE Oct 24
Replying to @GlennThompsonBP
Funny how those of us who voted kept telling you this was an inevitable consequence of . You can't now blame the eU for the consequences of a rule to the club you didnt know about. That is King Henry blaming Anne Boleyn for no longer wearing his necklace!
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3.5% of JoePublic 3h
The ONLY people responsible for Brexit are not the ones who voted
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David Douglas Oct 23
It cost you nothing to say YES but it takes thinking and application of wisdom to say NO focus in charge a stand
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❄️Daniel Blake❄️ MASK UP ❄️ STAY HOME ❄️ 3.5% ❄️ 21h
And it’s the same in the UK A majority voted for , left wing parties But thanks to we have an extreme R party masquerading as Ruling by decree Parliamentary sovereignty is gone Determined to rip up law, justice & political norms to centralise power
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