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Trisha 17h
ohhhh I finally twigged.... thought you were referring to .... LOL Oops my bad
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My Head Hurts 9h
Another ? | Reef company altered scientist's critical report on crown-of-thorns program
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Trisha 4h
Wasnt the bloke running this injection project for reef the husband of one of the then members 'This is very bad style': Reef company changed report critical of its program via
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David 8h
No climate policy no energy policy, only trickle down economics is the mantra.
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Jenny Bickley 3h
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BrendanDwyer_OzVeteransVote Oct 13
can’t even admit the truth reveals about . Even tripped in his own answer admitting was correct but still wouldn’t admit truth.
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Ross McPherson 18h
You may not want to believe this but $80M of the $444M for will be spent on administration! This is a travesty and a tragedy for the GB.reef So much more could have been done by Govt./Uni. depts with knowledge.
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Pam Mars Oct 8
Replying to @vjmahon
Hmm... Why the $444m then? 🤔 Follow the $$$
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Duchess of Hillsong au Pairs Oct 17
I see more 'administrative errors' in future
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Eugene Chang Oct 15
Replying to @GMegalogenis
Another display of competence, safe hands and good judgement..... to add to and and climate change policy.
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Ben Fordham Show Oct 11
"I understand that the public want to know where this money is going, they want to know it's well spent and we are going to rise to that occasion and i'm accountable for that". - Anna Marsden,
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Waiting for #fedicac Oct 16
Replying to @CroweDM
Arrogance says yes she would say it. Just as she also has her cheque book at the ready!
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Trisha Oct 17
And of course just to add some more spice... there is the half a billion taxpayer $$$ paid to which will cost what? $80million in administration fees Im told??? Which Malcolm Turnbull assures us it was a Scomo / Frydenberg MAKE IT STOP
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Replying to @djmor6 @EDONSW
and get the $ back it’s not for the reef it’s an open door to mining = habitat loss say NO
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Ursula Oct 17
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Alistair P D Bain Oct 17
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Siem Kew Oct 8
Replying to @bugwannostra @thepmo
It was for a snorkeling holiday wasn’t it?
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Nigel Dale Oct 12
Be good to get the minister's reaction to Malcolm Turnbull's implication of him in approving the grant to the Barrier Reef Foundation.
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Carly Woodstock 5h
"A company given millions of taxpayer dollars to cull the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef altered a scientific report about the "poor management" of its own program, an ABC investigation can reveal."
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Kristina Keneally Oct 11
Replying to @KKeneally
Labor is making clear that, if elected, we will cancel this grant agreement, take back the unspent funds, and reallocate the money through the public science agencies tasked to look after the Great Barrier Reef.
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Carly Woodstock Oct 14
Replying to @DaveSharma
Running for a nice cosy seat at the trough more like it.
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