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DopamineD 54m
I’m starting to see a lot more people tweet with sense than I used to thank God
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Corazon Fuerte Nov 13
The Matrix is a good analogy for the managed system, which is more truthfully a Sickness Billing Industrial Complex (SBIC). Want to take the & break out of it? Please sign up to learn when my book is published. It will be your roadmap
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ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀᴀᴄʟᴇ Nov 15
Replying to @elonmusk @TechDeals_16
I’m glad I took the
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RS Nov 17
King of the 🤴 👏🏽
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Spirit Of '76 5h
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ᴛʜᴇ ᴏʀᴀᴄʟᴇ Nov 14
. When will people take the and realize that EVs, renewable energy and battery storage is the answer?
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Trip Elix 11h
As Americans we are told by both parties constantly that were limited to their representation and in what they can do for us. It is for each of you to stand up for yourselves & your principles you have the power of the purse that with your voice can upset any Corporation
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SirPiggie Oinksalot Nov 9
I'll have the please. I can create my own security and happiness.
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aspro-one 6h
Replying to @antiwhitehate
Don't you know? Asians can have Asians ruling, Blacks can have Blacks ruling, but Whites need to have non-Whites ruling. Wouldn't want those pesky Whites protecting their interests, instead of bowing to aliens and putting them above their own blood.
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Jane Dewit Nov 13
Replying to @Jordan_Sather_
Perhaps not; but they are on their own journey towards awareness and awakening. People will spit out a if they aren't ready to swallow it.
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MYCH43L R43 Nov 12
told me today is the day that Q will rise. Here is the proof he said.
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The Real World 12h
Mainstream life gives me less and less... Itś like there are two worlds. 1 Official and 1 unofficial. If people only knew....
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Ben Glasser 4h
I'm so thankful for and her efforts to bring light to the issues affecting men and boys today. Happy International Men's Day!
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Samantha Kutner Nov 16
Replying to @getongab
It's a , you don't want it!
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Replying to @crystalline_02
So whose the guy that makes the problem go away for my birthday ? I’m willing to get on both knees and you can just pull the trigger
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Scott Nov 8
Replying to @NickStCloud
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aspro-one 7h
Such a bitter day to celebrate. When society lives and dies on the back of Men's strength and leadership, yet so easily tosses them aside when they're down. Cherish the Grand Fathers that teach, the Fathers that sacrifice, and sons that yearn.
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Zaqen Shasher 1h
Do you think we need to celebrate Men's day for us men?
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Ž 3h
This is so good, getting the left to side with truth tellers. The and the slow
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Richard Cooper 14h
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