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James 5h
Replying to @James96435951
If the shutdown is so horrible and hurts so many people right now, why not take care of people first rather than bullshit trip to PR? Cause it's all a show and you all are suckers and will eat it.
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Ritchie The Riveter 5h
Nope, more like they took the . I'd recommend you do the same.
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Dan Brazen 3h
1600*degrees + the tears of liberals grow sequoias....
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Double D Works Ltd 53m
Replying to @mawnx
Not all MRA's are male either.. know of a long term feminist turned MRA while ditching her past position.. shes a smart cookie now she has the facts
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Sahib 6h
should invite too to show her the
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Simba Game Jan 19
Replying to @tddaygame
Get a sleek laptop tom. but hey... gaming is fun. says you should be reading dense books on philosophy in every minute of spare time you have, lol...
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Ryan Ramirez 1h
Replying to @enews @SandmanMGTOW
How to become the poorest man in the world? Entitle someone to half of your shit multiple times. Somebody give this man a
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DubiousTunic Jan 16
i got banned from a group for calling them out for falling for propaganda they called me "a subversive" lol
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Ritchie The Riveter 5h
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
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George Looney Jan 20
Replying to @Rich_Cooper
No matter what people on forums say: rape is wrong, and people who rape others are entirely responsible and accountable. Even if people have been mean to you, please know that not everyone is like that. People love you, but respecting others (both men and women) is key
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Don Cinnabarca Jan 20
Replying to @BWH85 @melissagira
She would enter the Matrix
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sket 13h
Going on enough 1st dates and being in LTRs w/wrong kind of women taught me when to cut a date short or shake hands at the very end, politely telling her that I'm glad she came, but she's not for me. Of course, it's only possible because I finally opened my eyes. Thanks
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Ben Thom-Wood Jan 20
Replying to @BenThomWood
Are we not to have this explained to us? We can handle the truths!
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Replying to @rooshv
My solitude doesn’t depend on the presence or absence of people; on the contrary, I hate who steals my solitude without, in exchange, offering me true company - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Jake Tome Jan 20
Take the . Don’t be a sheep and do/ believe everything your tv tells you.
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Sonata_in_C 5h
MIND BLOWING!! The Assassination Games: Pelosi's Pin-Headed Plot To Pr... via . 💖
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Cmdr Jonty H Campbell🦞🦉🇬🇧🇺🇸 Jan 19
“It is amazing how hard a woman will fight to keep her man when he is [viewed as worth having sex with by other women].” ~ |
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Declan McGee Jan 13
bing image search (safe search OFF ;) )) gets in porno
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Paul parkinson Jan 16
Miranda ... think you should write an article on growing & movement ... 🤔
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Fabio Mir Jan 20
Take the and leave your echo chamber
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