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Allehone Abebe Nov 11
calls for free, safe and dignified return of through “ go and see” visits. Conditions in State are not conducive to the voluntary, safe, dignified, and sustainable return. says it supports ‘s efforts to create such conditions.
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Nathan McGibney 16h
“Genocide is still taking place in ”UN. Repatriation of scheduled for Nov 15 must be stopped. Detention Camps, no guarantee of citizenship, freedom of movement & protection. No Accountability for violations of the gravest kind
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RangoonToday Nov 9
Replying to @mrassess @Wunna_MM
Why ARSA attacked in ? Are they wants peace in this way? Don’t say that they have no equal rights. They wants separate Muslims land.
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Jacob Blaustein Inst 47m
High Commissioners for & chime in with warnings against return of 2200 by to . Reports of rights violations in northern continue. Says returns wd violate Int’l law.
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Kevin Chang Nov 12
Replying to @KevinCChang
2/3. If intl community can't even access to independently assess, why should this be left to the themselves? What is the standard for 'safety and dignity' on which they are asked to personally determine, while risking further persecution and displacement?
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Crisis Group 17h
should stop pressing for an early repatriation process of refugees currently in and instead support the creation of the right conditions in state for safe repatriation ⇩
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Hunter Marston 3h
This article does a great job of grounding the current crisis in its long history. The crisis did not suddenly start in 2017. It's based on decades upon decades of persecution & inter-ethnic/religious strife.
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dilemmatix Nov 6
Replying to @bnionline1
Unfortunately without a case study from Rakhine State. Anything more detailed coming up on the situation of the media in ?
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Stanislav Saling 21h
should be allowed to visit their places of origin in so that they themselves can make an independent assessment of whether they feel they can return there. More on - repatriation noon briefing:
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Well done! Capicity training and awareness for PWDs
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Crisis Group Nov 12
Replying to @CrisisGroup
The return process envisaged by this agreement is not voluntary and jeopardises refugees’ safety as conditions in state are not conducive to their return. 3/5
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RO Mohamad Rohit.2 Nov 8
An elderly ’s heart failed and immediately died after hearing his name to be there on the list of the to (), yesterday
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TibetoBurman Nov 12
has a history in violation of rules involving foreign funding in India and abroad. Over 80% of Amnesty's income comes from private donors. But deny revealing names of these donors. George Soros donated €137,000 to Amnesty
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Watchlist Nov 12
The government should put in place credible safeguards for civilians before repatriation takes place. This includes accountability for atrocities committed against civilians in & recognition of citizenship.
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Haseenah Koyakutty 23h
Replying to @HaseenahKoya
*wants. And I can’t understand how delegates can go on discussing business-as-usual as if nothing just happened when there’s a *genocide* unfolding in our hood that is threatening regional stability.
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Shubhash Wostey 6h
should allow the Rohingya to go & see the conditions in , to decide whether or not to return does not believe current conditions are conducive, but remains committed to support ’s efforts to create such conditions
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Khin Maung ANC Party Nov 11
An insult to our great University
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CP Gang 10h
Bangladesh is hopeful of starting repatriation of the to in from November 15. -
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Yeni Şafak English 18h
's neighbors to call for 'accountability' in crisis
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UNDP Myanmar Nov 11
is reaching remote communities by land and sea with livelihood activities in to strengthen inclusive development and , community resilience and opportunities together with and partners, with support from the Govt of Japan.
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