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Grimm Reaper 3h
The older i get the more i feel il resent Brazilian greed....The forest suffers,for money, like always...Capitalism has begun to show its its greatest vulnerabilities both here and abroad.....
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Bjørn Høydal Nov 17
Replying to @govbr
Stop burning the
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Vivienne Law Nov 18
About to go hiking in the . 🌳⛰ Had to put pants on. 😟
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Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon has hit the highest annual level in a decade, according to new government data.
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Joseph Ryan Nov 19
Scientists believe they discovered a new type if monkey in the . via
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Listen to Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (2010), , visit my FB & ReTweet,
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Wahaj Mahmood-Brown 1h
Thoroughly enjoyed writing about the rainforest vegetation structure and its effect on frugivore butterfly diversity in Kibale, Uganda.
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EcoInternet 3h
Oregon Space Trail of Doom to Headline a Benefit on Nov. 29 at the Happy Dog: Scene MORE w/ EcoSearch - news: web:
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GoGoGroove Nov 17
45 min dusk run in the after a storm... we had so much rain, my secret lake overflowed! 4 x the Owl Hill & 4 x 0.5 of my secret lake... 🌧️🌲🌧️🌲🌧️
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stassinakis Nov 19
Send in the army! Save the
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Talón de Aquiles Nov 19
Tropical - Once cut down, they rarely recover - J Lovelock. U can help for free at vía
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Oden 59m
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Thomas Schirrmacher 1h
Schirrmacher encourages Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea to fight and protect the .
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Ahmed Ilyas Khan 4h
U can protect right now, 4 free. RT so a friend can donate a click via
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Dom-unique 🇸🇱📸🎥 5h
In a world full of Trends, be Unique . Standing on the edge of a hill in the GOLA Rainforest National Park.
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Shriram Properties 8h
A step closer to owning your independent home! Premium villa plots ranging from 58L - 75L. Bookings opening soon, stay tuned!
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Rainforest Foundation Norway 9h
Replying to @oyveggen
That forest loss represents a nearly 30 percent spike from the year before. The figures, said Rainforest Foundation Norway secretary-general Øyvind Eggen , confirm "that 2019 has been a dark year for the in Brazil."
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My Beautiful Destination Nov 19
wonderful Caribbean Sea coastlines north and Pacific Ocean south. In the tropical near Guatemala, the ancient Mayan ceremonial site Copán has stone-carved hieroglyphics and stelae, tall stone monuments.
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Darren McHugh Nov 19
The Coolamons (Syzygium moorei) are erupting in flower in town. This tree produces flowers directly from the trunk and branches, known as cauliflory. The rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) seem to like them.
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🦇 Kim C. Jones 🦇 Nov 19
Nestor likes to go out to one of his favorite spots in the rainforest, remove his suit and let the rain wash through his fur.
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