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Brian 19h
“Everything is fine.”
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MC REN 15h
I don’t know what to say, we are horrible right now!
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Patrick J. Crimmins 45m
Replying to @mattschneidman @NFL
It seems we are tanking for Vegas. Need investigation.
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ruler of all that is evil 😈 22h
My Raiders better work these Seahawks!!!
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Real Dr.Death 29m
Let’s welcome the newest member of the Raider Nation Fernando “Ferocious” Vargas
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ManMan510 16h
Answer this: since hiring Jon, what has been his single greatest achievement? Like what’s the one good thing he’s done since getting hired ?
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Simon Devlin 17h
Gruden should be ashamed of that performance. Absolute sham
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Matthew Knott 19h
There weren't that many fans at the game!! The stadium was never that full to start with
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Cody Silva 19h
So glad I came 5,000 miles to watch Seattle practice! you’re a joke! Done with this team!
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Rick Howell 1h
I miss Jack del Rio 😢
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P-Carr 19h
Get me to the draft already...
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Andi Diamond 🦊 19h
Al Davis is rolling over in his grave at what has happened to the . An embarrassment to fans, the NFL and now the world. Take this team, Gruden and his money to Las Vegas. The sooner the better. ✌🏻
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Raul Molina 13h
somebody owes Jack Del Rio an apology. Grudens has done nothing but fucked up team getting rid of players, if it's going to be a long process why cut key players now, makes no sense.
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Gabriel Morales 22h
Replying to @Raiders
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Nicholas Carter 20h
Replying to @YourboyQ254
Everyone said run the ball more. Lol. Just going to be a tough season. Clearly not enough talent on this team.
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Bill Gainor 58m
Replying to @BeLikeCaseyG
They don't even look like they are playing the same game.
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🆎™ Oct 10
Replying to @PepeinVegas
With the rest of
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Ray Santiago 19h
Absolutely Embarrassing Low point for . As a fan you gotta question everything, everything going forward. When we lose big like we did and the other team is kneeling to end the game on your 45-38 yard line it is a complete utter defeat.
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darom 20h
The road to the #1 draft pick
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Alan Handley 16h
I agree. Never seen anything like it. Gruden has those cats crying and finding refuge in their wives. DE Bruce Irvin? "We lost, but I've got a beautiful wife I get to go home to, boy. I'm going to try to make some babies, man."
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