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Rage reminder 14h
Another day without apology: on 7.14.19, realDonaldTrump suggested that Congresswomen "go back [to the countries]...from which they came."
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DK Sep 12
You aren’t welcome here . I hope you heard me.
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LDH Sep 11
Reminds one of that time our nation turned away a group of people who returned to desperate and deathly circumstances.
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Daniel Alex Wolf Sep 11
There was a time, not long ago, when the entire world envied America for its president, a man who was classy, moral, family oriented, and who had got the world rid of terrorist threats. Now we have , a who sells the country to further his business.
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A. Jamie Saris Sep 11
has been in the US since its founding -- long before fly-over country knew anything about "Muslims". What has changed is that the regime in power is sympathetic to many of their issues and downplays their violence.
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ktownvoyager Sep 11
Replying to @JuliaEAinsley
Of course not. They are unfortunately the wrong color for Republicans.
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Ryan Walker (VIP/friend of the show) 12h
i'm guessing Netflix was just a lucky autocorrect for a different n-word the was trying to use.
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Mark Dorsey Sep 9
Thank goodness our fearful leader is keeping us safe from more drug dealing and gang affiliated infants and toddlers! This time from the Bahamas!
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Laila Sep 11
Racism starts at the top even if the President is not openly saying the same he is condoning his party member doing so by failing to reprimand him
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Ivanhoe_1966 Sep 15
Replying to @revolttv @RealCandaceO
LittleCandace is defending the calling nazis and white nationalists „fine people“ like she has defended Hitlers policies in Germany saying his only „mistake“ was to take it outside - this little incompetent paid pundit is an absolute disgrace
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Blane Jeremy 2m
is about to shit out his mouth again! Lmfao! @ Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center
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Gabriele Niklaus 5h
Replying to @atrupar
Yeah, and I am the greatest and the best and I know everything better than anyone else, everyone should love me, the best president, the bad democrats and bad press are hunting me, Yada yada bullshit. I wish he just stfu. Nauseating 🤢
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TheAJayEss 8h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Another fascist rally. Terrific.
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Bob Gray 16h
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Sounds like Aimee Sep 14
Please stop pretending you respect and support POC. We know what the corrupt Trump family thinks of us. We are the worst, rapist and drug dealers from shithole countries, right?!? Stepmommy says she doesn't care. Remeber? We do.
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Jesus Chrysler Sep 14
Replying to @GOPChairwoman
If your main goal is to see how many people you can arrest at the border, you're doing it wrong.
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♠️ Monica ♠️ Sep 13
How racist are you ppl? It permeates every exchange. What the fuck
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Alfred E Neuman Sep 13
Replying to @logang2695
tRump won with less than 80k votes in WI, MI and PA. Bernie supporters and 3rd party turned the electoral over to the Racist in Chief.
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JF Gagne Sep 13
Let's 𝕊𝕋𝕆ℙ writing that is a He may be m̲a̲n̲y̲ ̲t̲h̲i̲n̲g̲s̲, but he sure doesn't have a single presidential bone in his body. Not even the bone spurs is presidential.
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