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Shahil Khan Feb 13
India's Number 1 Former Mumbai Police Officer Source: Nov 27, 2015
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Noman Rasheed Feb 15
So is your government
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Needhi Murasu 16h
Replying to @narendramodi
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Gomathi Raghavan Feb 14
Brahmin individuals community targeted by bioterrorist & bjp bjp bioterrorist is a rogue & others are not in any way less bioterrorist does 'planned assault' & intimidation on Brahmin There was sudden mind control & it was defeated sarsanghachalac
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Before Independence Britishes applied One policy this is called divide and rule for ruled over India , Now the same policy did by to ruled the Country ,save our Nations from these goons
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Gomathi Raghavan 14h
Replying to @GomathiRaghava4
Brahmin individuals targeted M R Raghavan I obviously have seldom anything to do with most obnoxios bioterrorist & extremists/allies bioterrorist is dangeros dravida extremists are dangeros bjp bioterrorist should stop anti India creepy behavior enough of NUISANCE
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Foxtrot Eagle 🇵🇰 15m
Replying to @BDUTT
It's Brahmin Hindu who doesn't treat Dalit as human let alone, anyone else wants to divide you. It's mobs vandalizing others properties. It's at receiving end of high caste terrorism within . It's Indian government v/s .
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Gomathi Raghavan Feb 15
Brahmin individuals targeted sarsanghachalac bioterrorist has already started blac magic that continues till midnite. yday & today sound is heard from next door white cars flute bioterrorist usually targets nec head It could be human heart bioterrorist is above law of land
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rajaalsahi Feb 14
Replying to @Yogiononehand @vetriii
We do not hate...u hate us...the hates ....think about it..
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Kaustubh Gautam (राष्ट्रवादी) Feb 9
I refused to accept anything less than#hindutva or
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vikram kashyap Feb 15
Where is our nationalist .you guys dont have any power to take a decision against this Murder....sirf desh k masjido ke khilaf bolne me desbhakti nhi h..
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Ro James Feb 15
I had to borrow this “Being in a relationship is not about the dates or showing off. It's about being with someone who makes you happy in a way no one else can.” I found mine, go get you one!!
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Amresh Rai 17h
Replying to @RahulGandhi @BJP4India
nullify all the of &
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Gomathi Raghavan 17h
Brahmin individuals targeted Brahmin community targeted anti brahmin bioterrorist bioterrorism activities bioterrorist Local bjp & extremists are together These are emotionally connected The avowed bond is anti brahmin sarsanghachalac my stomach targeted in early hours
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, India stands with the families . Hope Modji has already planned . Scrap Article 370 and 35A , , , ,
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Vin Kerosene 😎 14h
Replying to @BulwarkBoy @suchitrak
10 RSS Freedom Fighters? Lol That's Too Many.. Ask Her If She could Tell Only 5 Freedom Fighter's Name who're From 😂😹😂
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Drunken Thoughts Feb 15
Replying to @Chellaney
Tokenism is not going to help Modi or Yogi or # BJP
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Nixon Augustin 21h
Replying to @timesofindia
if there's a war, let's send / fellows. they are the real enemy of India.
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Shndn ki chitaon pr aj lage mele pak ka ise bura anjam hoga. Allow civiliations, likewise in history to coordinate and assist them in the state of war. Let us go for it. WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA GET UNITED AND SUPPORT THE INDIAN ARMY Allow us
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Guru Feb 11
Replying to @Hizdiwaal @RAC7R
oi IT call center ke pimp -How much you get per Tweet Rs.15/= or increased like chennai to 22/- You guys still sell your wives, sisters to bosses ?
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