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Selvan 21h
Replying to @Raajppot @ICC
Then why 3-0😂 vs pak
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Luke Carroll Jan 12
Have to laugh at that ad about drivers giving cyclists space to ride safe... how about an ad that lets cyclists know how what an inconvience it is for some groups to cycle 3, 4 or 5 abreast and there is no respect for drivers....
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I am disgusted with your insurance service. I have had nothing but delays in replacing flooring from a claim back in October, and today another delay! You give the insurance company a dreadful name and I won't be renewing with them because of you!
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Ameet Mehta 13h
Brilliant talk at the , surfacing many issues that we need to speak about but are buried by the dominant culture. Wish I could have been there to share more about our movement at to create a new virtual republic for young people
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Luvuyo 2h
Scenario: dude asking for forgiveness. ✌🏾
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Ryan Noor Jan 15
Actively playing hide and seek with 's razza for fear that she might rip my non-reg 'tache off my face if she saw it.
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Riv Sheriffs' Assoc 10h
Don't forget to tune into our Facebook live this Friday, January 18th to watch the drawing for the winners of the 2019 Peace Officer Memorial trips to Sacramento and Washington D.C.
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Sanjay Sureka Jan 15
Replying to @bainjal @PMOIndia and 3 others
What a shame!!! How can do this with the Hon. PM Is not this fraud must be count as ? should apply against both of them!
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Zaheer Ahmed Jan 11
LIVE HD Vs 3rd Test Match EutelSat-10A .E FREQ: 11089 H 3333 MPEG4/HD/FREE FTA
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Lemza da OG Jan 14
's reporting about is always biased especially when dealing with African vs Caucasian. I doubt they've moved beyond the nuclear issue!!!
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Bill Gibbon 5h
Another great Newcastle Network Encounter thanks to fantastic ambience and great service - really quaffable house red and great food. What else other than great company could we need?
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Security SE 15m
Can you answer this? Import GnuPG Subkey to other Primary Key
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Radiostereometric Analysis Permits In Vivo Measurement of Very Small Levels of Wear in TKA
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Lawrence Roberts 13h
named a leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for . These give a good idea of strengths and capabilities of RSA NetWitness Platform 11 Report: Infographic:
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Farro Agdassi 2h
Listening to X-South African National team captain, Francois Pienaar recall his story of winning the 1995 Rugby Wold Cup for his country.
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Kristin 10h
Anyone interested in volunteering at can register here! March 3-4, should be a fun two days :) Also if you're attending, try to get a spot in 's reversing workshop!
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Cryptographic entropy is necessary for securing session encryption keys in TLS 1.2, but key transport is not supported in TLS 1.3. Discover the reasons for concern with Judith Myerson.
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Nick J. Sciullo Jan 15
Here I come also, going to need some Hard Times Chili, which I haven’t had in years.
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The Messiah's Heart Jan 12
Replying to @HomeAffairsSA
thank you for the removal of my restriction for very impressive quick response From 19 December 2018 till 3 January 2019 despite the backlog. Not bad at all, keep up the good work
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Zaheer Ahmed Jan 10
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