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It's a takeover. They all want to be Hitler, but will destroy the trying. This proves racist are
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robin brady Sep 13
what are they doing in the new deal wirh America
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Lobo Sep 8
No primary = opposing vote in every election. Not right to eliminate choices. You are destroying the party.
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The Epoch Times 3h
President Trump will be visiting a rare visit to the , , and this week to raise money for his re-election campaign and the . The fundraisers will mark Trump’s first visit to since April.
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Lola Hammond Sep 9
Local colleges shift places on US News college rankings
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Ron Gillmore 15h
“The Republican Party has been hollowed out and is now a Trump-owned company. Much of the functioning of the has been entirely taken over by the equivalent of a Trump holding company.”
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Albert Rudatsimburwa 🇷🇼 14h
Anticipating the outcome of the 1st meeting, is trying to rebrand into an NGO?
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Freddie Walker Sep 16
riding on his coattails, which he keeps tripping over!
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BirdEyedView Sep 16
hate the 's new mandatory, shady tool. Guess who profits off it?
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Zukes 5h
Other countries offer their “citizens” free but in USA the right wing smear helping citizens as socialism to protect corporate firms !
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John Dark Sep 12
Lord of the Flies trailer
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Replying to @ashleyn1cole @JoeBiden
believes If we all could just listen to our more then all this hate between races will go away. While gun toting AR15’s White Nationalists and White Supremacist are gunning down brown and black people.
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Reigate Netball Club Sep 14
FINAL SCORE: Reigate 42 Nonsuch 30. A’s TAKE THE FIRST WIN! Well played everyone 💗🖤
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FLASHBACK: NBC Predicted Washington Underwater 30 Years Ago. YES, 30 YEARS AGO, AND THE FRAUD CONTINUES! .Hoax.Fraud.Lie.Scam .SkimmingOperation
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Barney Heller Sep 15
Stop berating people. It is .
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New Mexico Trump Rally Already PACKED to the Limit [Pictures] Insert h here ttps://
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marlaine selip Sep 10
Add the to the sack of shit bag
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Jean Marie Niyonzima 22h
Is it hard for to apologize for dealing with criminals and fugitives to justice ( Gasana, Kayumba, FDLR warmongers and genocide masters) ? We are a small country not small people, Rwandans came to Uganda for businesses not for slavery.
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Joseph Guillette 23h
This is still relevant. He and his supporters seem to feel Hillary was President at one point.
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Karol Cummins Sep 15
Replying to @senatemajldr
Kasowitz 💰💰💰💰 We always follow the 💰💰💰💰💰 Tic Tok! ++++
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