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Todd Kleinhans 7h
a) Don't approve of running way. b) Frankly the movie sucked. c) But I just love this scene with the late great (NSFW).
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Can someone highlight the flood relief and prevention work done by Lalu's govt for so many years of their misrule
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Sarfaraz Malek 5h
Sad demises of Ji I hope it reminds all the politicians & leaders of their final destination - No one can defy it, no body is immortal but the deeds will be remembered after. Lets choose constructive.
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#ImsTurdy Jul 10
I’m late by a day, but July 10 is the birthday of one of the greasiest rock/metal singers of all time. Happy birthday and RIP Ronnie James Dio.
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IANS Tweets Jul 18
's main opposition party () has criticised Deputy Chief Minister for watching the film "" even as the grim situation in the state showed little signs of improvement. Photo: IANS
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Ramah Balaji May 24
one good thing came out of this election which I am very pleased about is the total annihilation of
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Damien Scully Jul 11
Some ⁦⁩ on this Friday afternoon to relax after a long week.🤘
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🎙💻 🎧 Jul 18
Dio - Man on the Silver Mountain (Live in London) 🎼🎙🎸🎸🎸🎹🥁🔈🔉🔊🎶🎶🎶 🤘😎
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Karl May 31
Replying to @LukeyR
Shut up your rovers hooligan
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The Free India May 30
Replying to @MisaBharti
Bolna nahi, Kal se Bhaukna hai ko. They all r going behind the bars for Corruption.
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Kalinga TV May 23
Lok Sabha polls: In a first, draws a blank in (ANI)
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Anish Kumar Singh Jul 16
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Balu Kaliyaperumal Jun 10
In retrospect, Advocates' Forum for Social Justice conducted its 1st State Conference on in Chennai on 21-06-2003. Leader Mr. was the Chief Guest of the event. On 23rd June'19, State General Body Meeting of the Forum(AFSJ) will be held in .
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Financial Express Jun 3
sees a message for itself in 's denial to join Modi government
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Aishwarya Kapoor Jun 20
Happening now after now decides to skip the dinner of tonite
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IndiaIsBharat Jul 19
High time that was downgraded as leader as he has lost efficacy as a untiring kariyakarta.Time to replace him with a young&dynamic leader to keep pace with 's pace of working or lose Bihar to as Nitish is careless&unreliable
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RSS Jul 18
Your Tenor over. . Hope all corrupt sud go for Rest like Same action need on Rest billionaires of etc ..
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Heavy Metal Truants Jul 18
Replying to @hmtruants
Presented to Ronnie James Dio and signed by the man himself, this gold disc was created by Polydor to celebrate the worldwide success of the second studio album Rainbow Rising
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Vinmax Infotech Jul 17
Leader Gives Zero Hour Notice In Rajya Sabha Over Floods - - the issue of floods across the country in Rajya Sabha, Rashtriya Janata Dal lawmaker ...
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Catch News Jul 17
leader gives Zero Hour Notice in RS over floods in country
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