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Huwaida Arraf Mar 21
Replying to @huwaidaarraf
More on the killing of Ahmad Munasra. The 22-yr-old was driving behind a car that Israeli soldiers opened fire on. Munasra rushed to help, taking injured man to hospital; when he returned for man’s wife & kids, soldiers riddled him w/bullets.
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Justice4 Sgt.RobWilsonIII Mar 5
4yrs ago today, the City was peaceful, shutdown due to snow. 2 thugs tried to rob a GameStop. Your brave actions & sacrifice saved lives! When the call came out, the snow turned red & blue, as the sirens pierced the rarely quiet City. Snow days will never be the same.
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Matthew Sanchez May 8
Replying to @ERICWIL04561815
God this breaks my heart. Im just speechless....
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حسن سجواني 🇦🇪 Hassan Sajwani Jan 5
Replying to @Nervana_1
Here’s the picture of the police officer killed today trying to dismantle a bomb at church in Ezbet El Hagana in . via
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John Maniaci Apr 29
Sure would like to do this one more time..... Miss ya Bob.
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AngelsInblue Aug 24
Follow 💙 💙 backtheblueheroes • • • • • • Never forget our fallen officers .. ✔Follow backtheblueheroes ⚫Use tag…
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Daniel Fanning Jan 14
So grateful for , they put their lives on the line everyday never knowing when something like this will happen. Also grateful for police and military K-9s, as I saw firsthand in Iraq these service dogs are incredibly intelligent and save lives. 🐕
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angels_gal Feb 12
Replying to @tedlieu
Why is this NOT TELEVISED?!
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Zakir khan🇮🇳 Jun 18
The son of martyr Arshad Khan is lap of ssp. He has lost his father and his wife lost her husband and his family lost her and we lost our brave soldier 💔 salute to the brave heart 🇮🇳
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DWoods Sep 6
Replying to @Cardinals
Chris pitched a ball to my daughter after the third out once. She dropped it in the camera well next to the dugout. Chris walked over a made sure she got her ball.
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Hussein I.Gebi 博文 Feb 25
An ailing voter,Bashar(25)who voted at the same polling unit with has died. Bashar who lives near the polling unit, died around 6:30pm,over four hours after casting his vote,reportedly for Buhari.
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Corey Madden Jan 11
I've noticed you haven't posted about officer Chateri Payne death. Why is that???
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Barry Gadbois Dec 9
Horrible news. Prayers for and all those who stand between us and hell.
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Tonydagooner🐝 ♏️🦂 Mar 17
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Faiz Baluch Feb 28
Message of Martyr Khalid Baloch’s mother and sister to fellow freedom fighters and nation. Complete message in link
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Moha_Souz Jun 8
You will be missed by many Mohammed Juma Njuguna
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Chuck Peters May 22
It’s called Brotherhood, and it runs deep!
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EveryDay Ghana Aug 18
It was Black Moment for The body of Late Dr Nkrumah Kwame lying in state at the State House in 1972.
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Chuck Peters Mar 15
This very sad! Another hero, and one of our own, has fallen in the line of duty! Thank you
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Donna Barker 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 ⭐⭐⭐ 21h
US Army Green Beret killed in Afghanistan gun battle identified: 'He was a warrior'
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