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Kro Nanbourg Jul 3
Saint Lazare 9h45
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HeadshotSpecialist 🇩🇿 Jul 3
The underground in Paris right now.
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Ad Jul 3
, Saint Lazare, public de la ligne 9, ligne 14, ligne 13...are you with me!! 👏
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La lugubrité Jul 10
Faites attention la famille
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Forum For People's Collective Efforts (FPCE) Jul 7
Excellent Order from NCDRC. This is the reason why both and are trying their level best to bar Consumer Forum from complaint relating to real estate. We will continue to oppose any such move.
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CheatedHomeBuyer Deepak Jun 28
Public won't be more fool by few articles and news that will resolve every crises with home buyers. This is social India and shout will reach and aware every individual now or then
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Vijay Pandey Jun 10
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Capt Mrinal🇮🇳 Jul 8
expect shud go to n not to other forums to complian. V r dumped in the ‘N’ forum, b it NCLT, NCLAT or NCDRC & NO resolution. Disappointed to see this, a step fatherly treatment for . hasn’t worked to
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Amit Gupta Jul 10
(Gujarat ) amendment mandates architect, engineer, CA to give detailed estimates of cost of construction of the project on submitted drawings before getting CC. Such amendments must be made across the state in RERA to fix accountability
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Forum for people's collective efforts-Karnataka Jul 4
Sir well clarified stringent action under Rera section 59. Many projects kept out of by diluted Rules to section 3 & is any penal action provision available to punish those State Governments( ) protecting& helping builders?
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Amol Bagul Jul 7
Replying to @satbirbath
Neither nor govt is helping to stressed projects. Addition of 1.5 lac in interest component is just show-off of this govt. Things are getting worst day by day & Hon. Minister is expecting 5 trillion economy in next 5 years. Isn't it is a joke played against
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HBs &Citizens have very strong hope that Modi's Cabinet 2.0 acts on solving real problems &issues of suffering class without taking direction from judiciary. Please solve grave issues of HBs trapped in stuck projects on very top priority by proper guidelines & strengthening
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Pabitra Kumar Dash Jun 28
has not been registered and U keep sending notice to them after our complaint 120186175 bt UR notices ignored by them and U hardly do anything. Directors of Mall fight in NCLT and try to loot investors. At least recover some money.
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Unless deficiencies in implmentation r removed &stuck projects r completed, ambitious Hsg 4ALL &other sops don't convince new HBs 2invest. Strengthen RERA&plan 4stuck projects
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Mahendra Kumar Jajoo Jun 18
: I have come across many such incidents and now I am afraid to buy the flats from any Builders. As, there is no such strict laws by the government and no Government agencies like are able to look into such issues.
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Panorama Destination Jul 3
From 17-23 June 2019, we guided a group of 37 sportswomen from China Junior Women's Softball team, during a tournament activity in Jakarta. Thank you Toureast for choosing us as your travel partner in Indonesia.
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Pradip Rahi Jul 5
Dear Real Estate sector will only grow now in future when get true justice from & . Today it is business centre for & . Simple cases r going on 5+ years. Win of
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Monal Capital Pvt Ltd 11h
RERA a regularized way of dealing in real estate. Subject: Real Estate
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Pabitra Kumar Dash 7h
Hello directed development authorities to register the projects under if found unregistered till date. UR project is unregistered in RERA. R you trying to register under UP RERA? Please revert.
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Sanjay Parashar Jun 17
RERA haryana is not doing the job as well. I have written Many emails regarding non compliance to panchkula but no response to many email reminders HRERA-PKL-FBD-28-2018 promoter not meeting any compliance.
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