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Mister Reddcoin Dave Nov 18
I have proof that a very big wallet of Reddcoin (roughly 2,5 percent of the total RDD supply) belongs to a very big exchange! And nope... We're not on that exchange yet ;)
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Mister Reddcoin Dave 18h
Just changed my twitter name to Mister Reddcoin Dave! :D
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Mister Reddcoin Dave Nov 17
Final testing for the new core wallet! Hopefully we will be fully ready soon. (In a few weeks). We will revolutionize Proof of Stake with Reddcoin! This will be AWESOME!
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Mister Reddcoin Dave Nov 15
Thanks for this tweet :D Reddcoin has some nice things coming! Also a great new POSV V2 core wallet :D Just waiting !
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Mister Reddcoin Dave Nov 13
Is this what is about? I never sent a tweet like this... This guy is just hating projects and promoting daps. That's why I want to do a shoutout to and today. We're all in this together! Show LOVE!
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Mister Reddcoin Dave 9h
New 3.0 wallet has been tested, no bugs! is busy with the last things/tweaks before release! We’re close to a revolution in Proof Of Stake blockchain! Reddcoin Core Wallet 3.0 Don’t wait.... Expect us!
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1 | M-L | yes im real❤ Nov 17
Replying to @binance @reddcoin
Rdd!!! 💪💋❤ i love that project off vollunteers. That are amazing
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Crypto Orleans Nov 17
Replying to @RudyBouwman
I feel the the exact same way about
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cryptoBUZE Nov 19
It's under top 10 of all addresses (richest list) 😎 #6 to be exact 😉 With stake rewards every few minutes 🎉
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KoinKnight Nov 19
Hurry! 20% dump alert: price has moved down from 0.00000010 to 8e-8 BTC by 20% within 5 minutes in
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Tradesatoshi Price 4h
Prices update in every 1 hour: - 0.000783 $ - 21.10 $ - 0.3314 $ - 0.007249 $ - 110.28 $
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Bitcoin  Forecast  5h
Tomorrow's ReddCoin(RDD) forecast is △UP 0% ▼DOWN 0% , Bitcoin Forecast (iOS)
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CryptoMonitor🔔 [Realtime alerts & MultiConverter] 7h
🚀 2 +25% 🕐 in the last 24 hours 💵 BTC 0.00000010 / USD 0.0008 🔔 🔴 Telegram Bot ⬇
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AcceptCryptoz 18h
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Win Crypto Stickers Every Month pick the one you want
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Morgan Raux Nov 18
Replying to @Morgan_Raux
12. 🚨RESULT 4🚨 The effect is not driven by this manipulation! There is no difference in job posting duration around the threshold Rejects alternative scenario #3 ✅
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