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Christone Verité 7m
the most beautiful selfie in the world. Let's make this famous rangers and campaign for him to get due recognition. share at will, this photo deserves at least an international award ...
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Replying to @Samsung
That's great news, now it time to also clean up your act on where you get your cobalt and stop supporting warlords in the DR Congo 🙌🏿. Thanks
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Noushka Teixeira Apr 20
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Bob M Kalala Apr 19
Replying to @tshidmukendi
These objectives were appropriate in 1800. Most of them were abolished in 1900 et most colonizers embarked on the development of their territories: construction of infrastructures (roads, schools, hospitals).Decolonization systematically reversed this trend.
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Marley🇨🇩 Apr 19
Falling in love with this place
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Wassim Nasr 17h
ISIS, After Laying Groundwork, Gains Toehold in . Thx for the hyperlink ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Mosongo Moukwa Apr 19
From “The Economic Times, 19 April 2019”. Africa has both the cheapest and most expensive rates, with Rwanda, Sudan and Congo all offering less than USD 1 data prices ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Desiré B Apr 17
Well done Colleague , should be proud of everyone on the pictures and in attendance. Next: the new government should build our own Institute of Mathematic
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Pierre Lele Apr 12
Can2019,tirage complet
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Fabrice Kamion Apr 20
Quelle justice? 😂😂😂
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Cosinus carré X 11h
Replying to @CGTNOfficial
The Flow in the parks of Congo 😎
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Yvonne 👧💖🇨🇩 Apr 21
Shilo 🎶🔛Grateful 🙌🏽👏🏽🙏Fr Mike flor
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Jean-Claude Mwewa Apr 20
Notre 🇨🇩... Kinshasa.
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#Messiahette Apr 19
My beautiful country where I was born . My heart beats when I see your pains. Your landscapes remind me of the imaginary paradises I have dreamt you’d become one day. I still have hope. It’s high time for you to finally rise.
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ModeDeveloper Apr 13
Roblox Developer Community should watch out for each other. I recently was blamed for something I didn't do and I got treated very unrespectful. I think this is something we should work on as Roblox community.
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Beetens Bukasa Apr 19
the president has been reading your tweets.
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sathya sai baba Apr 19
Replying to @ONUinfo @DrTedros @WHO
"Very saddened to learn that there have been casualties in the hospital that was attacked in the epicentre of the Ebola epidemic in Butembo, in 🇨🇩. Deeply concerned about this evolution & we will share additional information as we go along. " - from
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jeanluc kabulu Apr 20
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CongoAmerica Apr 19
: The decision condemned to 3 years in prison in 2016 in a real estate spoliation case was canceled
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AUC3I 18h
This is not a comedy but an image that should all challenge us. The Indo-Pakistani rots our markets with HARMFUL products, carcinogenic for the health of our population. What are the measures against these products? in
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