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Brian R. Gumm Aug 16
Replying to @mattthomas
Or better yet my own photo from ...
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Filled out the survey, here's my complaints: Cops kicking ppl out earlier than shutdown time! Either follow the rules or make them up as they go along? As soon as cops leave, the vendors open back up for food/water, whats the point of the shutdown?
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Just added a locator link to Tap it, and it will show the closest Casey's store to you by your location! This will be a great resource outside of too! 😎
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Lozier Heating 5h
If you enjoy being active outdoors, try out a new bike trail this week! 🚲 has a lot of local trails to explore. Just because is over, it doesn’t mean you need to put the bike away.
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ConvergenceCoaching Aug 12
⭐️Rock star coming through! ⭐️ Congratulations Jack Lee for completing the 2019 RAGBRAI! The is a 7-day bike ride of 457 miles across Iowa. 🙌Way to go Jack for setting and accomplishing your BIG goal!! 🙌
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Found another video, this was the first (of many) White Claws we shot gunned all week. Too much carbonation though! 😁
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Kristin Sheffield Jul 22
Pulling out the big guns for our booth. This kid has been going strong for over two hours and watermelon is moving now.
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AchievePersonalTrain Aug 16
Not only did Steve recently bike 427 miles in the ride, but he’s already back in the gym training hard! What an inspiration! 👏🏻 • • •
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Team Delaney - IA Jul 24
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Tom Robinson Jul 21
RAGBRAI 2019 -Parking, only in Iowa
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Tyler Davis Jul 25
Authorities say the cyclist, who was suffering a heart attack, would have died had it not been for a group of firemen riding along and the quick actions of an Iowa State Patrol trooper. via ⁦
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Hali-buckets Jul 27
501 Miles this week on my first RAGBRAI! Felt great to dip it in the Mississippi this afternoon. Until next year
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Courtney Crowder Jul 25
Have I not shared pie pictures yet? Best thing this week!
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Josh Cook Jul 24
. is all set to head off on his route today, leaving from Indianola
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🌽Iowa For Pete🌽 Jul 23
representing on the Iowa route!!
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Lauren Donovan KCCI Jul 24
WEDNESDAY I’M FOLLOWING: riders are getting up and hitting the road early. They’ve got 83 long miles to bike from to . We’ll be following along.
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Des Moines Register Vault May 3
From 2016: Hal Colliver walks out of a telephone booth on his property as riders roll through Washington County. An avid collector, Colliver said he built the barn in 1973 and has been filling (and covering) it with signs ever since.
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Joe Sestak Jul 21
Stopping to enjoy the sunset on our way back from Council Bluffs to Des Moines, after a stop at in Atlantic, Iowa.
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Dene Lundberg Jul 21
WE DID IT! Day one is in the books and I feel fantastic!
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Dave Herrell Aug 14
Fired up that this came in the mail for . An incredible event with an international brand
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