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InfoQ Mar 13
How do you build your system differently knowing humans make mistakes? We’ll look at humane operations, effective postmortems and more in this track:
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InfoQ Mar 10
staple track “Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About” returns to 2020. Discover next-gen architectures from the most admired companies in .
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Wesley Reisz Feb 18
Couldn't ask for a better PC member! Makes my heart happy to see how is moving forward!
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QCon Mar 23
Usually, the maturity lifecycle of an organization starts from point and click, moves to scripts, and then eventually lands on infrastructure as code. talk. Watch on :
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QCon London Feb 8
We are offering our attendees the chance to self-identify by choosing a pronoun button for their lanyards. The button is completely optional!
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QCon 10h
What are the three ingredients for inspiring non-manager leaders? provides simple techniques any team member can apply. keynote on
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QCon London Jan 28
Good choice of food, healthy options, excellent service. - Attendee. Here's what lunch at a conference looks like.
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InfoQ Mar 6
New track: & Teams. This track focuses on reducing developer friction, not just with tools, but also with the frameworks and working agreements between teams and stakeholders. Learn more:
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QCon New York Mar 23
The good news is we also provide some automation mechanisms in that can make your life easier. The first one is Horizontal Pod Autoscaler. Jiaying Zhang on talk . Watch the session:
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QCon London Feb 26
Did you know that our voting boxes are designed with color-blindness in mind? When we put together our voting system, we took this into consideration.
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Don’t want to be recorded or appear in any photos while attending a conference? Ask for an orange lanyard at the registration desk to let us know.
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Lucasoft Feb 27
RT . gives overview of ’s history, technical details of how design has changed and talks about the difficulties of adding a major new feature to a programming language. talk on :
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JoeMcMullenJr Dec 9
A Dive into Streams with Brooklin
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InfoQ Developers Dec 16
QCon New York 2020 Registrations Open & Top Videos from QCon NY 2019 by Diana Baciu
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InfoQ Developers Jan 24
QCon London - Keynotes & Workshops on Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Microservices, Docker by Diana Baciu
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In the spirit of the season, we extend a sincere thank you to those who have made 2019 an amazing year for progress. From the entire QCon team, we wish you Happy Holidays!
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InfoQ Developers Feb 25
QCon New York 2020 - Data Engineering, Predictive Architectures & ML, Microservices by Diana Baciu
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QCon Mar 25
. talks about the challenges in maintaining and keeping the cryptographic libraries written in Go secure, safe, useful and modern. talk :
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Chandra📍@ 🏡 =🛑 ×🦠 Jan 23
Come to NYC (and bring the with you), or visit in June since Tony will be here for . Coney Island IPA will seal the deal.
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QCon San Francisco Mar 5
Conferences can be intense. Do you sometimes feel the need to take a step back? According to your needs, you can use the QCon prayer room, family room or our quiet space.
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