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American Poison 1h
Oh go have some more Tic Tacs motherfucker.
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Real Seattle Jen 3h
Replying to @RealSeattleJen
I’ve never been raped, but I’ve been fondled & assaulted many times. Too many to count, including in last two years since came into office. Husband encourages me to punch/kick, but it usually happens fast & it’s always shocking. Catches me off guard. Every time.
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Brian 🇨🇦 Sep 17
Wow, is just as much of a dick as his father.
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Marsha Warfield Sep 15
The last thing I want is an unsolicited message on my phone from the . I'm not even kidding.
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marc mc gown Sep 17
YES for life appointment to attempted RAPE SEXUAL assault hell that something only star can do B/C they LET YOU quote from the support help STOP now accused attempted RAPIST
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Emily Ullrich 1h
Replying to @maydaymindy9
No, but I never thought in a million years that we’d elect a proud President, either!😩
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Karen Holt 2h
🤣🤣🤣 Yes! This is what has me stumped too!!! I have no difficulty (unfortunately 😳) conceptualizing the fungi aspect, but ?? My first image is long, coarse and matted 🤮. And yours? Oh, + in case you think it's crude to post this: Sorry! It's KARMA!
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Michel de Nostradame 23h
Indictments, guilty verdicts, guilty pleas. You must think this is a “red team vs blue team” issue. It’s not. Not for me. This is an integrity, character matters, US Constition issue, for me.
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marc mc gown Sep 14
Replying to @POTUS @WhiteHouse
mouthpiece releases statement did all Crimes B4 joining CORRUPT campaign AND he'll TELL TRUTH NOW few minutes later REVISE rant left out truth part telling or what days numbered in support
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Darin G. Legore 3h
Replying to @washingtonpost
The is accusing others of ranting?
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Nana Gza🍄 Sep 12
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You forgot to say that the president of Puerto Rico is an imbecile, that he will not get anything right and that he is a coward and a
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Gabi M 2h
Ah bless - these pesky assaulted women - they just won’t stay shocked shameful and silent - better President ever
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Seven Lebron 2h
The strikes again. All white males who rape or assault are "not deserving" of the consequences of their actions, according to the
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Kim 6h
Does JUST FINE making HIMSELF look bad YOUR FATHER Is a Sexual PREDATOR! Doesn’t get much worse than that IDIOT!
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OfficialMike 20h
admitted sat on has ass for months insulting CIA & FBI. ample opportunity to discuss w Agency Directors & his staff. Instead, skipped doing ANYTHING & Wasted MILLION$ Goofing off playing Golf. He’s done a disservice to America
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∞ tat tva invicta ∞ Sep 17
After all you think Trump us worthy of your support. You are not a beacon of great character here.
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Carl Miller Sep 16
Careful with the adjectives! Sterling? Interesting that he enjoys coaching young girls...and will likely take women's right to choose away. Basically always trying to control vulnerable girls/women. It's no wonder that Trump selected him.
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moreontrump Sep 17
Replying to @nytimes
When you’re 17 years old and with a girl that’s 15 (especially in a bathing suit), of course you’ll try to get it in. I’ve done this for at least 55 years...everyone heard the audio tape of me doing it. Remember? Just grab them by the pussy! Men will be men.
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Kelley Willis Sep 13
And he had 900 followers, while had 63M stupid, lazy cowards. Great comparison.
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Bill Kammler 2h
Just one defending another, right
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