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National Immigration Law Center Sep 22
Replying to @NILC_org
The lead-up to this policy is already producing a damaging chilling effect. Families are foregoing critical, basic needs to stay healthy and thrive for fear of being shut out of the immigration process. 3/
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Human rights & human needs do not disappear based on immigration status. Everyone needs a safe, secure place to live, everyone needs nutritious food, everyone needs access to adequate health care.
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Marielena Hincapié Sep 22
BREAKING: Building on the traumatic separation of families at the border, the Trump admin has taken another cruel step attacking families 1/
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Dr Colleen Kraft Sep 23
The public charge proposal gives immigrant families an impossible choice: keep yourself or your children healthy but risk being separated, or forgo vital services like preventive care and food assistance so your family can remain together in this country.
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Families Belong Together 9h
Good morning. If you haven’t heard yet, the Trump administration is proposing a horrific and inhumane rule change which will affect not only immigrants, but all of us. We need you to gear up and be ready to FIGHT THIS. Learn more:
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New York Immigration Coalition 39m
New Yorkers are here to say no to policies that starve immigrant families and force our friends and neighbors to choose between food on the table or legal status
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Dennis P. Osorio 42m
Immigrants should NOT be punished for seeking health care & social supports!
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Scott Krugman, MD Sep 22
This will adversely affect children’s health in many ways. 1. kids won’t have health insurance. 2. they won’t have adequate nutrition without SNAP. 3. inadequate housing. Even if they are citizens their parents will be too scared to access these benefits.
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The administration continues to terrorize immigrant families. Today's move: creating a pay-to-play immigration process that makes it impossible for all but the wealthiest to have a secure, permanent future here.
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Anu Joshi 44m
Right now, I am risking arrest because the proposed rule by President Trump to reserve immigration for only the richest is killing the very notion of the American Dream. The dream that inspired my parents to move to this country.
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Voto Latino 10h
Immigration into this country should no go to the highest bidder! The new Trump "public charge" regulation fast-tracks green cards for the rich, telling families earning under $63,000 a year that they could be denied a future together.
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Replying to @aafp
We urge the Administration to abandon this effort and to work with us to ensure broader access, improved quality, and more affordable care for our patients.
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New York Immigration Coalition 24m
“We all suffer when immmigrants are punished for trying to meet their basic needs. Our families are hardworking and do not deserve this.” - Arline Cruz, member
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MomsRising 6m
IN ONE HOUR! Join us for an urgent with & to learn more about the new proposed rule that would make us a less healthy, poorer, more racially divided nation.
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Judy Chu 5h
Trump needed $14 million from his father in order to start his business. This isn't about teaching immigrants to support themselves. It's solely about spreading a racist belief that immigrants are less deserving to be here. They're not.
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CREDO Mobile 5h
Replying to @CREDOMobile
has been used by xenophobes and racists before to keep out Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, LGBTQ families and people with disabilities. We cannot let Trump wield it as a weapon again to advance his racist, nativist agenda. (2/3)
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National Immigration Law Center Sep 23
Trump’s order would punish parents for feeding their children or taking them to the pediatrician. Stand with us against Trump's cruel new attack.
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Sr. Simone Campbell 4h
If the proposed "public charge" rule becomes the law of the land, our nation’s children lose and we will become a poorer, sicker, hungrier, weaker nation
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New York Immigration Coalition 1h
. on how this proposed rule is just another attack on our communities.
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New York Immigration Coalition 37m
“They want to force parents to choose between food on the table and a path to residency. THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE AS NEW YORKERS AND AMERICANS.”
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