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Right Of Way PH Oct 17
Here’s a : these micro-signs of yours are USELESS in directing motorists. They’re too small and posted too late. The ONLY purpose they serve is to create a ticket trap and provide enforcers a “basis” to extort money. “Sir, may sign.”
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Ingles Markets Oct 18
Replying to @KP92439649
...microwave for about 15 seconds
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FunkToTheO Oct 18
Magic Eraser Before & After
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♚ Swami Says ♚ 🇮🇳 Oct 17
Cultivate thy curves.... 😈
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ℂ҈ 𝕙҈ 𝕒҈ 𝕣҈ 🕸𝔸҈ 𝕫҈ 𝕟҈ 𝕒҈ 𝕓҈ 𝕝҈ 𝕖҈ 10h
the camera is always on
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Team Secret 20h
Replying to @Arsius24
Don't forget to set it to private
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CitizenoftheWorld 7m
Sometimes NSA & friends will intercept your packages install mail/spyware before it’s delivered.
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Scott Roesch Oct 16
Replying to @JimSmith87
Bolt a porcelin insulator on!!!
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Reliable Auto Service Center 15h
If your windshield and windows are fogging up, a quick way to clear this up is to roll down your windows. This helps equalize the temperature inside and outside the vehicle, rapidly eliminating the built-up condensation.
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Shannon4OH Oct 14
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
if you're going to rant conspiracy theories about how big tech is silencing conservatives, Maybe don't rant it on a big tech platform, because it just a smidge undercuts your rant
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A Trading Journey Oct 17
Always over deliver.
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Kron Oct 15
Replying to @Kronykal
Lost 6 for this. This is how you get rid of the bullshit accts. Do not toe the line for followers. Fame whoring keeps the fodder. Weed them out once in a while and you get a better tl. Quantity does not equal propagation. Fuck you. And I couldn’t mean that more.
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qadhijah Oct 17
Too big. Cut it into pieces.
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Vernay Moving Systems 14h
When labeling moving boxes, be sure to specify the destination room alongside the contents. You'll thank yourself later!
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Angus M-a-c-i-n-n-i-s Oct 11
If a deed grants you an interest in land and says "you must not lodge a caveat or we may terminate the deed", probs best not to lodge a caveat:
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C:\hristos.matskas #blackLivesMatter Oct 12
Do you know your scopes? Check out the latest blog by about the .default scopes in the Microsoft Identity platform, when to use it and why -
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Michelle K 15h
Don’t procrastinate buying new goggles. Trust me on this one.
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Queen o'the Universe Oct 17
Have y’all had any water? Maybe remember to drink a little during the gajillion commercial breaks. Helps with the hangover
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Food Delivery Champ 🍽️🚙🏆 Oct 14
When I pick-up, I often tell the staff, "Wow! You really exceeded my expectations!" It ALWAYS makes the person feel good and they never have to know how low my expectations were to begin with. 🤣
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CentralPASurgical 14h
Do you take probiotic supplements? You should consider stocking up on either supplements or probiotic yogurts before your surgery. They may help you recover faster (and healthier.)
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