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Replying to @KareBearScare @thehill
Abortion is against the law of God. Babies are innocent. All people are born innocent. Your mother didn't abort you. Abortion is murder. All babies and unborn deserve the human right to live.
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Jay Sekulow Oct 15
is desperate. Their plan is to create a network of clinics to counter states with laws. On top of that, wants us to pay for it. It’s time to finally stop the .
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Michael New 10h
As a social scientist, I am very pleased that chose the theme "Pro-Life is Pro Science" for this year's March!
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Live Action 10h
My value isn’t determined by my size.
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Live Action Oct 10
Amazing: At just 7 weeks, a preborn baby’s heart is visibly beating! Retweet to share the obvious humanity of children in the womb.
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I Took This Picture of the Media Ignoring Kermit Gosnell, Now They’re Ignoring the Gosnell Movie
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Alec Holbeck 17h
I don’t support a woman’s choice to “terminate a pregnancy” (kill a child) just like I don’t support a woman’s choice to kill anyone. I think both sides get the idea right, but understand that this is a debate between someone’s life and someone’s choice. I’m .
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Jesus Christ Oct 17
I guess now means that you support murder of a journalist in order to get a multi-billion dollar arms deal to kill people (including children) in an unthinkable war. And don't forget to slash social security and medicare just for kicks.
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SEF62 Oct 17
Unborn children? Will you be championing their rights?
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Michelle Malkin Oct 12
Thank you for supporting cause. Please check out , the incredible true story of heroes who caught America's most prolific serial killer. In theaters TODAY.
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Fr. Frank Pavone 🇺🇸 Oct 15
Join me in a prayer and a blessing for the upcoming election!
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Leah Vukmir Oct 9
A partial-birth abortion is the most disgusting thing that can happen. The baby's arms and legs are pulled out of a mother, the brains are sucked out. That is extreme, .
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Joshua D Jones 16h
The right of the unborn to life may be the greatest justice cause of our generation.
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Don Bacon 9h
Debate tweet: My opponent says climate change is the number one moral issue facing our kids right now. A bigger moral issue may be whether our nation's kids are allowed to be born at all under my opponent's plan for completely unrestricted abortions.
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TheDignityMandate 39m
Weekly joined us at Holy Family Church in Davidsonville, MD to cover our showing of "Shining the Light on Assisted Suicide." Visit to see the documentary.
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Jay Sekulow Oct 5
advertisements on search engines are convincing pregnant mothers to not have . is furious, but the advertisements are legal. This is a victory. Lives of the unborn are being saved.
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Jay Sekulow Oct 6
In , is attempting to force pregnancy centers to promote . It seems familiar because the same thing happens in . We can’t allow the abortion agenda to prevail domestically or internationally.
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pro real life 2h
is anti Medical Ethics; prochoice is pro unconditional love and support of women.
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Leah Vukmir 8h
It's time for us to have a senator who will protect Wisconsin's voiceless, the unborn, over the pro-abortion special interests that have given more than $750,000.
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WATCH: Claire McCaskill Staffer: “It’s F—— Beautiful” How Planned Parenthood Secretly Funnels Money to Her
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