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Ben Jarman 14h
Replying to @bjarman_
In other words, no matter how bad the service, the contract could just about remain profitable. So the problem was not per se, but a commitment to privatise with no effective guarantee of quality. I presume this was done on grounds of efficiency and cost. 3/
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Lynn Kelly Feb 17
Replying to @colin_boyle_
And you’ll get a Tory government and everything that goes with it.
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Anne J. Kiley 19h
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Digital 🌐 Sustainability 12h
Replying to @BBCNews
Thank God for 🙏
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Dr Rafiq Raji Feb 14
[Selling NNPC is no no for elite ('s headway likely provides some comfort, though): & are 'sensitive' issues for home constituency of both leading candidates]
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Chima Feb 21
Many Nigerians do not know that in is higher than any other institution. Salaries r paid, good or bad, so they care less for profitability. will prompt a profit oriented organisation which is the catalyst for efficiency & optimal productivity
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Carolyn #IStandWithCorbyn Feb 20
I'm bitterly disappointed in how these Ex Mps # have sabotaged the only chance our country has at ending - - - - - the of the
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🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Feb 21
A cracking little tune that captured a moment in history!! Can all my Twitter friends eshare and try get this trending again. I Wonder where they all are now. t
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Me Feb 20
Replying to @emceebeere
that it now feels equally toxic. This new group is pretty much , as their voting records show ( support, etc) they will not protect our most vulnerable. For some, the shifting political sands feel exciting; for me it all feels pretty unsettling
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Bozwit Flemm Feb 20
The Ultimate ? The so called Group of MPs is in fact a Company, not a Party.
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Olawale Rasheed Feb 21
Again,I beg to differ on plan to sell .I think it is a wrong policy option. is not necessarily a panacea to corruption. Yet to bury scandals of last privatisation,we are toying with the heartbeat of the nation. It's a bad idea.
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Triumphatism 17h
Stamps going up again. Royal Mail pricing itself out of existence
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Useful ideas project Feb 16
Today's privatisation news: probation service firm Working Links staff wrongly classified offenders as low-risk in order to meet government targets. "business imperatives trumped the quality of its services"
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Vic Tietze Feb 21
Replying to @DrewMelbourne
Just started work on a fictional case study book (written as non-fiction) that explores the nature of , and .
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Dr Sally🌈🍷🎉 Feb 21
. Look at the slammer that Mark just tweeted! must read this scandal!!
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At least she is honest. as part of global economic policies = destruction of our . That ensures more and most privileged retain and gain assets, wealth & status. lite =
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Blessing Etim💣💥 Feb 21
PHCN to NEPA pls don't compare. Don't take me down that bad memory lane. is the way forward.
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Gethin Jones 11h
has announced all new prisons will be run by private profiteers despite The attacked for almost ten years by brutal cuts to staff and resources is barred from even bidding to run them. is a very real threat to us all
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Liverpool Naturopath 12h
Replying to @richardbranson
Your 'free gift' tempter before he picks your are a huge potential market for him 👍 exercise, generating ' loyalty' When he's monopolised your system can charge you whatever he likes!
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the incredible sulk 6h
When and talk about lowering taxes they mean that govt should not fund things like schools and hospitals. only benefits lnp donors.
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