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JobCentreSUCKS Jun 22
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Priti Patel, Tarot Card Reader Jun 21
Do you want to know what Angel Messages mean? and which messages to follow and which messages to avoid. Check this video English video link - Hindi video link -
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Jane Turner Jun 19
I wonder if anyone has done a count on the Inc etc etc etc
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PeaceEnvoy Jun 18
Replying to @pritipatel4pm
is loyal to the Israeli government & wanted UK taxpayers' money to fund the occupation, ethnic cleansing and apartheid so...
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A n d y  R Jun 15
The seem to be packed to the rafters with embarrassments at the moment.
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Joe Kennils Jun 15
Priti, as my rep in the HoC I want your response on public record to Chope & Davies blocking ‘up-skirting’ & assaults on police dogs/horses specific offences
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Mr T Jun 15
The House of Lords May be unelected but it has within it, educated folk from across all walks of life who can put MPs to task on some of their policies. I would certainly trust the collective of the upper house more than ill informed MPs like who are clueless
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Eurosluggard🇬🇧🇪🇺 Jun 14
“The greatest show of democracy in our history”
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T. people Jun 14
Replying to @Clarioncall18mi
The question remains, who would be in the new leave Governments front bench? Who is true to their word with integrity, who can lead, who is visionary with a will to succeed and build the new future, who can do this with humility along with strength and power?
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