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Christiane Amanpour Feb 13
You know a government is desperate when they arrest a journalist. President Duterte: FREE NOW.
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Agnes Callamard Feb 13
And another terrible nail in the coffin. Maria, I am thinking of you. You can count on me. You can count on us.
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Society of Professional Journalists Feb 13
Rappler’s founder, , has been arrested on charges of cyber libel. People in support of Ressa are hoping a judge will grant bail. This comes as the latest development in a political attempt to silence the press.
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Times Square Feb 13
Just learned that our courageous and spirited honoree, , has been arrested for libel. Hard to imagine that this could happen just weeks after she was honored here on New Year’s Eve. - more important than ever. – Tim Tompkins, Times Square Alliance
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Dr. Courtney Radsch Feb 13
Just a few months ago I was traipsing around NY with the indefatigable and celebrating her award. Now she is in jail. From what I know about her & colleagues this will not intimidate or silence their critical journalism.
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World Editors Forum Feb 13
Arrest of is outrageous escalation in growing global war on free press - Board. "Ressa, a brave journalist, seeks only to tell truth to power. She represents all of us and we stand behind her at this dangerous moment"
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Kathleen Carroll Feb 13
Outraged by ⁦today’s arrest of ⁩. She must be released immediately. RT if you believe in . ⁦⁦
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EmmaDaly Feb 13
Outrageous - the Philippines should drop these politically motivated charges & free at once. Her arrest is just the latest Duterte attempt to silence all criticism, says ’s
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patrick Feb 13
There you go, you two can still tweet and openly express your thoughts di ba? Let that sink in! 🤪
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Jennifer Nash 2m
et al ONLY only care about reform which benefits THEM: But we are a laughing stock& 20YEARS after NZ implemtd the we STILL have NO &VERY poor
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Michael... Mike 10h
It’s too easy to write or speak just to deduce the given information into a black hole of disparity. Campaigning like news formulas seem to agree “if it bleeds it leads”. Better formulas do exist.
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julius babao Feb 13
Waiting for Maria’s release. There should be no room for harassment in this country. keep up the fight!
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Femie Myers 22h
Replying to @madeleine @mariaressa
I am not a troll nor receive a marching order from anyone. Maria Ressa is a liar and a purveyor of fake news, she violated the law of the land nd she need to face the consequences of her action.
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gabriel 33m
double security for the comedians and around your buildings has just issued an edict to his ground troops to act
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Dave Goodman 23h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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DJ Misueño Feb 15
Many years or even decades ago, a sitting president sued for libel a journalist and testified in the witness stand. Was that an attack to ?
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ICIJ Feb 13
We stand with and condemn the prosecution of CEO Maria Ressa by the Filipino authorities.
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aponilapulapu 20h
Replying to @Greco_Belgica
just ignore her and let torment work its way to her bloated self entitled head. kuno...
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Manuel Maniquis Feb 14
Replying to @PTVph @mariaressa
All has to do is to prove her innocence, what's got to do with it?
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Audrey Muñez Feb 14
One should accuse people with evidence not with mere speculation. is so alive in the Philippines. Why they are targeting Duterte when the accuser is a private citizen?
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