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Maya Wiley 23h
Not buying it. It’s got to be tactical ignorance.
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David Icke Sep 19
Says Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities Was 'Act of War' by Iran
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Said Arikat 17h
Threatening to starve Iranians ?! Mike says must listen to U.S. "if they want their people to eat"
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Hala Jaber Sep 20
Mike reminiscing about “the glory of the american experiment.” “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stoptole. We had entire training courses.”
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Amir Tsarfati Sep 17
The has identified the exact locations in Iran from which more than 20 drones and # missiles were launched against the facilities. The locations are in southern at the northern end of the Gulf. is on his way to the region.
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GenerationY Sep 15
a Government official tweeting diplomacy. My God the entire administration look like clowns
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Brian Keith O'Hara Sep 22
's first foray into foreign affairs was to support Evangelical General/Preacher Rios Montt in Guatemala. Montt exterminated 250,000 Gentle Catholic Mayan Indians, STOLE THEIR LAND and gave it to his Evangelical Followers, A supporter of a war criminal is what?
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#freeAssange Sep 20
Replying to @nashsolstice
Don't believe 's false info about Iran providing arms to Houthis..since at least Aug 2009, the intelligence community has known that "the Houthis easily obtain weapons from Yemen's thriving illegal arms market or from [ROYG] soldiers in retreat."
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Amir Tsarfati Sep 18
calls attacks on oil facilities ‘act of war’ as orders increase in sanctions on
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Press TV 20h
says doesn’t want with , claims sanctions help diplomacy
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Jeremy Song Sep 18
Replying to @tezuma75
Field Attack Originated From , Used And Drones. Secretary of State is now traveling to Saudi Arabia -- which U.S. officials say could retaliate against Iran with U.S. support, without the U.S. firing a shot.
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Robert Coulter Sep 22
Replying to @essenviews
Who made judge and jury and decide that breaking the Whistle Blower law was not an “extreme circumstance “ - what happened to their oath to defend the Constitution and not just defend Trump lawlessness and on going crimes
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Bahman Kalbasi Sep 18
openly raising the possibility of violating US obligations as host country to the & deny entry to /Zarif. He also tries to imply that UN Secretary-General Guterres sympathizes with his view. Guterres today was asked & said he had told US to resolve this soon.
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Zugzwang Sep 22
Replying to @joshscampbell
My tax dollars at work, and all of ours. Used in such a brazen, transparently partisan manner. It really is the worst of times for patriotic Americans who hate what’s happening to our democratic institutions. is really and truly .
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Joyce Karam Sep 14
directly implicates in Aramco Attacks in . Just as Trump 📞 MBS, says US “supports for Saudi Arabia’s self-defense”
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We Must Resist 🇺🇸 Sep 22
Replying to @JohnWDean
the Butler... Sad!
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AJSB Sep 22
: America's mission aims to avoid war with Iran : We don't want a war. Funny how EVERYBODY NEVER wants a War...right before it starts. It must be one of those things...
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Jake Morphonios Sep 18
says the oil attack was an act of war by . He added that even if the carried out the attack, Iran is still guilty because they supplied the weapons. By that logic, the USA is guilty of GENOCIDE against for supplying the weapons to the Saudis.
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marina s.  🌐 🎗 Sep 19
Mike is a liar and I can not stand him. He is a Rat. () () . ❗❗❗
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Annette (Ah-Net) 3h
wondered why anyone believed foreign minister "It is not worth the effort to respond. It is without the dignity of any individual to listen to someone who reiterates the claim that the Houthis carried out the attack" on the oil facilities in .
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