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charlievp Jun 13
pulls out of the with for no good and sensible reason, pisses off the , and here we are, with a that will now say “only he can fix.” is a complete and absolute . .
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Kelley Lane Jun 10
Imagine our world if all our elected officials were like
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Mary Ann Barbero Jun 13
Yea sure, just like Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This administration is hell bent on having a war with Iran. Bolton should be put on the front line with our soldiers. " We the People want no more stupid wars"
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George Galloway Jun 13
Hell is empty all the Devils are here
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Organic Live Food Jun 13
Replying to @SecPompeo
Nah, I think you LIE every time you open up your mouth. But here is YOU telling the , one time ... "Lying, cheating & stealing ... It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment". Like the backed in in 1953:
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Udit Goel Jun 13
Replying to @Reuters
Watch 's broadcast: holds briefing amid concerns over tanker attacks
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Nelly Jun 13
is sure sounding like Bush2002 era stuff right now ...
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Sandhya Sharma 2h
Range of policy hurdles US Technology firms face in India. Relevant around US secretary of state’s meetings with his Indian leadership from 25-26 Trump is huffing and puffing but won’t help US technology firms. They are on their own in India.
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The Washington Times 3h
“I think he’ll smell a rose or two, maybe, if I’m along.”
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Abhishek Jha Jun 12
says will be visiting India on 25-26th June
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dph 14h
Executive Over-Reach: Dismisses Congress In Push for War
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Bougrine Mohamed 13h
Alive eye catch. New seduction tips and models.
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RT Jun 13
: Attacks instigated by 'should be understood in the context of 4 years of unprovoked aggression against freedom-loving nations'
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Taz Abbas 17m
The fat pompous pig has spoken does anyone believe a word?
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Iranian Patriot 🇮🇷 2m
Replying to @hdagres
Only claim should be believed ! Without any reliable evidence.
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Neil Lazarus 11h
visits amid mixed messaging from on via
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Payambarpour Jun 18
Replying to @Ruptly
GO to hell &
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Daily News 2h
Pompeo drops Colombo from Asia tour
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Peter 9h
"Secr. of State has privately delivered warnings intended for Iranian leaders that any attack by Tehran or its proxies resulting in the death of even one American service member will generate a military counterattack, U.S. officials said."
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WashTimesLocal 18h
“I view that as a bedrock thing, wherever they are, they need to feel safe.”
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