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Francesca #VoteBlue #ERANow Jan 24
may have finished first at West Point but he finished last in ethics and morals.
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EleanorRigby 🆘 Dec 19
Replying to @gayleasher1 @StormMela
Oooh. I like that!
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Ron Southward Jr May 3
Replying to @MysterySolvent
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Babcock Jan 24
America has had it’s fill of small-penised bullies.
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D. A. Swafford Jan 5
Brinkmanship and diplomacy via twitter is, perhaps, the dumbest thing yet. Between this and Pompeo () I have great sympathy for the dedicated servants in the Department of State.
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Ockham'sToothbrush #MakeGoodTrouble Jan 27
The Trump administration’s unprecedented attacks on our free press have taken another dark turn.
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FindingHopeInKS Jul 19
“McClatchy first reported in May that multiple reports were made to the IG hotline regarding Pompeo’s conduct, and that the treatment of one of his top aides from Kansas, Toni Porter, was a subject of the inquiry.”
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Cathy I Believe In Science Harris ☮ Jun 10
Did you discuss America's human rights violations? Election fuckery? AG ordering military attacks? Incompetent covid response? These are important issues too.
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Alex Jan 24
Replying to @SethAbramson
William Jennings Bryan he is NOT
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Bert Pepper Nov 20
Replying to @cindy4kansas
Hopefully where he came from.
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American Woman 2.0🌊🌊🌊 Nov 19
Replying to @vermontgmg
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gretaCgarbo Feb 15
Replying to @DoyleMcManus
As a Kansan and one of his constituents all I’ve gotta say is he has always been bought and paid for by Koch which is in his town and district. He did nothing for regular people he was there to carry out an agenda of Koch. !
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Elvie Jan 24
Have a listen. at his finest. Or...not.
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LiLsWord Grey Matter Nov 11
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D. A. Swafford Jan 27
Replying to @DanaBashCNN
NSC manuscript review is a statutory apolitical process. I think they probably got word late last week, which is pretty late. It also sort of explains ’s tantrum - the manuscript puts him right in the crosshairs.
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JusticeWhistler Jan 25
Be careful sitting there high up on your pedestal, because Karma always comes back around. Always.
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Betten on Blue Nov 23
Replying to @SecPompeo
Too little, too late. Kansas, do you want him back ? Let it be clear
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Linda Brickley Dec 24
Replying to @mikepompeo
Of course everyone knows chocolate, hot or otherwise, is toxic to dogs, but, go on...
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Daniel F. Theroux Feb 25
Yea, well they are actively interfering now. What cha gonna do about it Mikey?
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Cathy I Believe In Science Harris ☮ Jul 30
Replying to @BeschlossDC
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