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Neon95 Oct 29
is OUT NOW on records and Pre-Orders for the Limited Edition GHOST LAVENDER tapes have begun. Includes 2 random Pokémon Trading Cards!! Get yours today:
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Neon95 Feb 4
Well, let's just say I have a bit more time on my hands now. Thank you all so much for supporting me, it means the world to me that my music can inspire you. I will be sending the tapes this week and begin prep for future Physicals. Love you all!
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Neon95 Jan 22
Missed the pre-order? No Problem! on tape is available NOW for a limited time! Just visit 8 tapes remaining... Get yours today!
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Neon95 Jan 16
Copies available in Chicagoland area for a limited time before I ship out a few to other places! Come get yours while supplies last :)
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Neon95 Oct 30
is SOLD OUT! Make sure you Pre-Order incase you missed the first one!
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Neon95 Oct 31
HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY GHOULS!! My new album is available NOW on records. Also available on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify & more!
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