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م ي .... م ي .... May 13
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Victoria Chang May 16
Today’s poem is by : “Things feel partial. My love for things is partial...”
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Carney ☠️ Vorous May 16
I see ghosts all over the city but they aren’t who I thought I’d see I look through broken windows for who I used to be
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Ann 🌻 May 15
I was a child and she was a child,     In this kingdom by the sea,  But we loved with a love that was more than love—     I and my Annabel Lee—  With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven     Coveted her and me 💛
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Read today's Poem-a-Day: Diane Seuss' "[Things feel partial. My love for things is partial. Mikel on his last legs, covered]."
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Read today's Poem-a-Day: Matt Rasmussen's "Ekphrastifilia."
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I forget who I was before our windows floated away revealing our drawn-over selves. —Matt Rasmussen
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Read today's Poem-a-Day: Hala Alyan's "Inside the MRI Machine."
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"Life is hard, not unbeatable. If I can do it, darlings, so can you." 2 am. A rosy dark dusting the window, the heat a ladder into sleep. —Chloe Honum
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Irish Madla 13h
"Have some sympathy, Have some shame. Act accordingly, And dont moan his name. I can never be tamed, Beware." ~°~ © AyrishMdla ❤️
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Ah, where is the man who lives out of himself?—the poet inspired often to chronicle these things? —Yone Noguchi
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I notice my body slide through time. It is odd and peculiar, genius of no one, a perfect clock making clocks look simple. —Zubair Ahmed
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Yuu.I May 12
My face always pretends to be happy. But my mind always cries and feels despair.
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Read today's Poem-a-Day: Airea D. Matthews' "etymology."
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Mahamorphosa 6h
When two eyes met Conversation start... Wait.... No, not always. His eyes werent belong to you. He just a passerby. Understood!!!!
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Read today's Poem-a-Day: Zubair Ahmed's "Red with a Touch of Sulfur."
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Victoria Chang 13h
Today’s poem is by Zubair Ahmed: “I notice my body/slid through time.”
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all i'm saying is this: the tongue has no wings to flee what syllables it fears the mouth is no womb has no right to swallow up what it did not make —Airea. D. Matthews
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Brenna Shippy 13h
She searched the pew unsettled in the murmurs. Searching, searching, distracted as the golden bell kept dripping, dripping, dripping. A galloping crescendo upon her breast. Without a light in sight. Heat rising in the body despite the chill of night. -Brenna Shippy
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The Trees 17h
20/05/19 The trees outside my window Grow upwards to the sky And down below they also go But those parts are rather shy
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